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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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25.05.070 Repairs, Replacements, and/or Completions.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 187432, effective December 4, 2015.)

A.  A regular fee shall be charged on all work for finishing any plumbing installation for which a permit was secured and which installation was roughed in only. Any such original permit will not cover any person other than the original permittee.

B.  The fees for alterations, replacements, or repairs shall be the same as for new work.

C.  If any work on the construction, alteration, repair, replacement, or completion of a plumbing system is commenced without a plumbing permit having first been secured, the Bureau may charge an investigation fee equal to the average or actual additional cost incurred by the City of ensuring that the work done without benefit of a permit is in conformance with the Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code and this Title, provided that when a person performing the work notifies the Bureau of Development Services before any work is commenced at a given location, and the permit is secured within 24 hours, not including Sundays or holidays, the investigation fee shall not be charged.  Payment of such fee, however, shall in no way relieve such person of the penalties imposed for violation of this Title.