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16.40.250 TNC Vehicle Certification Requirements.

A.  The Transportation Network Company may not dispatch a vehicle unless the designated Trade Dress includes a visible Portland Business License identification number specific to each PFHT Vehicle.

B.  TNC Vehicle Certification. The Transportation Network Company shall regularly provide a list of applicant vehicles affiliated with the permitted TNC for Director certification that drivers meet all requirements pursuant to Chapter 16.40 on a form approved by the Director. Vehicles shall be certified by the Director and affiliated with a certified TNC driver prior to being activated on the affiliated TNC platform. Vehicles not meeting all required conditions shall not be certified and will not be allowed to operate as a TNC Vehicle.

C.  Term of Certified TNC Vehicle.  Certifications for TNC Vehicles provided by the Director shall be valid for one year from the date of the initial certification. Transportation Network Company shall provide a re-certification to the Director, as they occur, prior to the certification expiration and within one month of the expiration date.

D.  Application Process. Applications for TNC Vehicle certification shall be made directly to an affiliated TNC. The TNC shall regularly provide to the Director a TNC Driver and Vehicle Application List, pursuant to certification requirements, that the vehicle meets all requirements before the vehicle shall operate as a TNC Vehicle on a form approved by the Director.

E.  Vehicle Registration, Licensing, and Insurance. All TNC Vehicles will maintain, at all times, vehicle registration, licensing and insurance as required by the State of Oregon or the state in which such vehicle is registered.

F.  Vehicle Age Requirements. No vehicle older than 10 years will be allowed to operate as a TNC Vehicle following ten years after the vehicle manufactured date regardless of when the vehicle was purchased or put into service as a TNC Vehicle.

G.  Vehicle Safety Inspections. Each TNC Vehicle shall pass an annual standardized vehicle safety test as performed by a National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Blue Seal Recognized Shop or by an automotive technician with a current, valid ASE certification in any of the areas of ASE A4-A8. Inspections are required if the vehicle

1.  Is more than one year old, based on model year, or

2.  Has 10,000 miles or more on its odometer, or

3.  Has the “check engine” light illuminated, regardless of model year or mileage.

H.  TNC Vehicle Safety Certificate Requirements. Upon successful completion of the vehicle inspection, The ASE Blue Seal Recognized Shop or ASE Automotive Technician will provide to the TNC Driver applicant a “Safety Certificate” stating that the vehicle passed the required safety inspection. The safety inspection checklist used by the ASE Blue Seal Recognized Shop or ASE Automotive Technician shall be completed on a form approved by the Director.

I.  Vehicle Condition. Each TNC Vehicle shall meet the following requirements:

1.  Each TNC Vehicle shall:

a.  Be kept in safe condition and good repair;

b.  Be kept clean and in good appearance;

c.  Be properly equipped, including but not limited to carrying a hands-free accessory for mobile devices, a standard first aid kit and fire extinguisher;

e.  Meet State of Oregon Department of Environmental Quality motor vehicle emissions standards established for the Portland-Metro.

J.  TNC Vehicle Re-certification. The TNC shall provide a list of applicant vehicles for re-certification to the Director within one month prior to the TNC Vehicle certification expiration, on a form approved by the Director. Applicant vehicles shall meet all conditions and be consistent with TNC Vehicle certification requirements pursuant to Section 16.40.250 for re-certification. Vehicles not meeting all such conditions will not be re-certified as a TNC Vehicle and shall not be allowed to operate as a TNC Vehicle.