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16.40.850 Operation of Horse-Drawn Carriages: Requirements and Prohibitions.

A.  The company and carriage permit holder is responsible to ensure that all drivers operating have a current and valid City horse-drawn carriage driver permit, and that all drivers operate in compliance with the requirements of this Chapter. Penalties may be issued to both company and driver for violations of operating requirements.

B.  Each horse-drawn carriage must maintain unobstructed the City horse-drawn carriage permit plate in the location and manner prescribed in Administrative rule.

C.  Each horse-drawn carriage driver must carry his horse-drawn carriage driver permit when operating a horse-drawn carriage, and present the permit for inspection when requested by the Director or his designee.

D.  Each horse-drawn carriage and horse-drawn carriage operator shall comply with all other requirements of State, federal and local law.

E.  No horse-drawn carriage driver shall permit other persons to operate the carriage under his control at any time under any circumstances.

F.  No driver shall operate a horse-drawn carriage at a weight or capacity in excess of the manufacturer’s recommendation for that carriage;

G.  No driver shall operate a horse-drawn carriage when the combined weight of the carriage and passengers exceeds the weight of the horse;

H.  Horse-drawn carriages and equipment must be available for inspection immediately upon request by the Director or his designee.

I.  A copy of the Health Certificate for the working carriage horse, as described in Subsection 16.40.630 D., shall be in the custody of the company owner at all times. The driver will keep a copy of this Certificate in any operating carriage, and make said Certificate immediately available for inspection upon request by the Director or his designee.

J.  No horse-drawn carriage driver shall leave a horse untethered or unattended except when confined to a stable or other safe enclosure.

K.  Each driver operating a horse-drawn carriage shall maintain the horse at a speed no faster than a walk or slow trot.

L.  Waste catchers must be in place and functioning properly at all times. It shall be the responsibility of the horse-drawn carriage operator to clean up any spillage.

M.  The operator of a horse-drawn carriage must comply with the orders of the Director, or any police officer, parking enforcement officer, or animal control officer regarding the operation of the carriage. Failure to comply with these directions is grounds for revocation of the horse-drawn carriage driver’s permit and the horse-drawn carriage vehicle and company permits.