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ADM-3.01 - Coordination of Government Relations

Administrative Rule Adopted by Bureau

As the 2001 State legislative session and the 107th Session of Congress approach, we would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm City policy with respect to the City’s government relations activities.
The City’s Office of Government Relations is responsible for managing and representing the state legislative and federal agendas of the City. This office engages in the initiation and development of major legislative policies that touch on all aspects of City government. Once these policies are approved by Council, the Government Relations Office is responsible for advocating for and defending City interests at the Legislature and in Congress. The Office is also responsible for supervising and directing all legislative work performed for the City by federal or local political consultants.
The City’s state and federal government relations functions and responsibilities are coordinated and managed centrally. This is City policy, and its purpose is to avoid any doubts or confusion with members of the Legislature and our Congressional Delegation as to the City’s priorities and requests for assistance. Centralization also helps outside elected officials contact the City through the same City representatives they work with regularly.
Ad hoc legislative advocacy could have a direct and adverse impact on the success of the City in promoting its overall goals. For these reasons we ask for your assistance in assuring that all such activity be coordinated and managed through the City’s Office of Government Relations. This policy applies equally to all City bureaus and offices, as well as to our own staff.

Please convey this memo to any of your bureau and direct staff who might be involved with federal or state legislative issues:
1. Contact the Office of Government Relations PRIOR TO:
  • Preparing oral or written testimony on behalf of a City issue;
  • Responding to an outside invitation to testify before a Committee;
  • Attending a legislative meeting or committee hearing on a City issue;
  • Initiating a written or oral communication with a State or Federal elected official or their staff to advocate for a City legislative issue;
  • Representing a state or national organization, including a professional organization, with a state or federal elected official, their staff or committees on legislative matters, especially when the employee is strongly identified with the City or when testimony could be contrary to City policy;
2. Report to the Office of Government Relations AFTER:
  • Monitoring a legislative hearing on behalf of the City;
  • Responding to a City-related contact by a state or federal elected official or their staff.
  • Submitting a grant application to a federal agency.
Again, we appreciate your cooperation in following this City policy. We face special and difficult challenges because of Ballot Measure 7, telecommunications and energy deregulation, revenue, taxation and other vital matters. Your assistance, especially during this critical period, will help in the months ahead.

Submitted for inclusion in PPD November 6, 2002.
Rule adopted by Office of Government Relations and signed by Mayor Vera Katz, Commissioner Jim Francesconi, Commissioner Charlie Hales, Commissioner Dan Saltzman and Commissioner Erik Sten December 15, 2000.