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6.07.035 Exemption of Medical Marijuana Cardholders from Marijuana Tax.

(Added by Resolution No. 37217 (approved at November 8, 2016 election); effective November 8, 2016.)

A.  As used in this Section, “designated primary caregiver,” “registry identification card” and “registry identification cardholder” have the meanings given those terms in ORS 475B.410.

B.  Notwithstanding Section 6.07.030:

1.  A tax is not imposed upon the retail sale of marijuana in the City of Portland by a Seller to a registry identification cardholder or to a designated primary caregiver who is purchasing marijuana for a registry identification cardholder; and

2.  A Seller may not collect the tax imposed under Section 6.07.030 from a Consumer if, at the time at which the retail sale of the marijuana occurs, the Consumer provides proof to the Seller that the Consumer:

a.  Holds a valid registry identification card under ORS 475B.415; or

b.  Holds a valid identification card under ORS 475B.415 (5)(b) and is purchasing the marijuana for a registry identification cardholder.