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The City of Portland, Oregon

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6.07.070 Failure to Report and Remit Tax – Determination of Tax by Director.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188215, effective March 3, 2017.)

A.  If any Seller fails to make any report of the tax required by PCC 6.07 within the time provided in PCC 6.07, the Director may proceed to obtain facts and information on which to base the estimate of tax due. As soon as the Director procures such facts and information upon which to base the assessment of any tax imposed by PCC 6.07 and payable by any Seller, the Director may determine and assess against such Seller the tax, interest and penalties provided for by PCC 6.07.

B.  If the Director makes a determination as outlined in PCC 6.07.070 A., the Director must give notice to the Seller of the amount assessed. The notice must be personally served on the Seller or deposited in the United States mail, postage prepaid, addressed to the Seller at the last known place of address.

C.  The Seller may appeal the determination as provided in PCC 6.07.080. If no appeal is timely filed, the Director's determination is final and the amount assessed is immediately due and payable.