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The City of Portland, Oregon

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2.12.050 Exemptions to Registration and Reporting Requirements for Lobbying Entities.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 180620, 181204 and 188286, effective April 21, 2017.)  In addition to the thresholds set forth in Section 2.12.030 and 2.12.040 for the registration, reporting and financial reporting of lobbying entities, Sections 2.12.030 and 2.12.040 do not apply to the following persons:

A.  News media, or their employees or agents, that in the ordinary course of business directly or indirectly urge official action but that engage in no other activities in connection with the official action.

B.  Any lobbying entity that satisfies all three of the following requirements:

1.  Complies with state public record and meeting laws or with the standards referenced in Section 3.96.020 G.;

2.  Is classified as a non-profit organization, registered with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division; and

3.  Is formally recognized by the Office of Neighborhood Involvement or through City Council resolution or ordinance.