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ADM-9.06 - Appeal Fee (Hearings Office)

Temporary Rule Changes for The Code Hearings Office, Appeal Fees, to take effect immediately, adopted June 15, 2017.

Administrative Rule Adopted by the City Auditor Pursuant to Rule-Making Authority


A.    Appeal Fee. Effective immediately, the appeal fee for appeals to the Code Hearings Officer under PCC 22.10 and tow appeals under PCC 16.30.420.B to the Tow Hearings Officer shall be $0.00.

B.    Rule Duration. The Hearings Officer finds that failure to act promptly on these rules will result in prejudice to the public interest. Pursuant to PCC 22.03.010.C, these rules shall be effective for a period of not more than 180 days unless sooner superseded by permanent rules.


Adopted by the City Auditor June 15, 2017.

Filed for inclusion in PPD June 15, 2017.