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11.20.020 The Urban Forestry Commission.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 188647, effective November 17, 2017.)

A.  Membership. The Urban Forestry Commission consists of eleven members who have demonstrated an interest in the protection and enhancement of the urban forest, appointed by the Mayor in consultation with the Commissioner of Parks and Recreation and confirmed by the City Council. Women and multi-cultural groups shall be represented. At least three members shall have experience and expertise in arboriculture, landscape architecture or urban forestry. One member shall be on the board of a non-profit organization that has a demonstrated direct interest in the urban forest, who is not a City employee. The remaining seven members, insofar as possible, shall represent diverse geographic areas, interests, and expertise of the community.

B.  Terms. Members will serve without compensation for terms of 4 years and may be reappointed for one additional consecutive term. After serving two consecutive terms, at least 1 year shall elapse before a member may again be reappointed to the Commission. Notwithstanding the limitations of this Section, a member of the Commission will continue to serve until the member’s replacement is appointed.

C.  Rules of order. The Urban Forestry Commission will elect its own chair and adopt such rules of procedure as it deems necessary to the conduct of its duties. Unless otherwise stated in the rule, all rules are effective upon adoption by the Commission and shall be filed in the office of the City Forester and in the Portland Policy Documents repository described in Chapter 1.07.

D.  Meetings. The Commission will meet at least ten times per year and may meet more often.

E.  Duties. The Commission is responsible for carrying out the following duties:

1.  Providing assistance in the development, periodic reviews, and updates to the Urban Forest Plan, and submitting said plan updates to the City Council for approval.

2.  Reviewing and providing input on plans, policies, and projects developed pursuant to other City Code provisions which contain elements or which affect matters related to urban forestry and other matters to ensure that the policies of the Urban Forest Plan are fully considered.

3.  Advising the City Forester, the Director and Commissioner-in-Charge of the Bureau of Parks and Recreation, and Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee on the preparation and contents of the annual Forestry Division budget request.

4.  Considering and making recommendations to the City Council pertaining to:

a.  Proposed amendments to this Title;

b.  Heritage Tree nominations; and

c.  Other City bureau budget proposals that may substantially affect programs relating to trees and the urban forest.

5.  Preparation of an annual report which specifically addresses the relations with and concerns of the various City bureaus and other matters brought forward by the City Forester. The report will include an evaluation of the opportunities and barriers to effective management of the urban forest, and assessment of progress of these issues identified in prior annual reports.