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5.10.010 Definitions.

A.  ‘Charitable Organization’ means:

1.  An entity organized and operated exclusively for tax-exempt purposes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and registered as a charitable organization with the Oregon Attorney General as required by ORS 128.610 to 128.995; or, an entity that is a State or City created nonprofit that receives donations which may be deducted from taxable income as "charitable contributions" under Section 170(a) and (c) of the Internal Revenue Code;

2.  Charitable services must relate to the promotion of: public health, safety, and welfare; public education and literacy; environmental and natural resource protection, restoration, and conservation; prevention of cruelty to animals or children; civil or human rights; elimination of prejudice and discrimination; public arts and culture; relief of human suffering and poverty; public recreation; or providing community and civic improvement; and,

3.  Must be directed by a board of directors or a governing body whose members serve without compensation and have no financial conflict of interest.

B.  ‘Umbrella Organization’ means a Charitable Organization serving as an agent to at least nine member Charitable Organizations to which it disburses funds and has received authorization from these member Charitable Organizations to represent them in the annual Charitable Campaign, or any other Charitable Organization so designated by the City Council through a City ordinance.

C.  ‘City-Partnered Nonprofit’ means a Charitable Organization that:

1.  Has the principal mission of providing financial support to a City Bureau or a City program;

2.  Engages in advocacy that benefits a City Bureau’s operational goals or missions; or

3.  Has a recognized partnership with a City Bureau and that Bureau’s historic civic mission to benefit the Portland community.

The Commissioner in Charge of a Bureau, or designee [or Bureau Director in consultation with the Commissioner in Charge for the Bureau] will administratively determine whether a Charitable Organization meets the definition of “City-Partnered Nonprofit”. If determined to be a “City-Partnered Nonprofit”, the Charitable Organization may apply for participate in an annual Charitable Campaign without being an “Umbrella Organization”.