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5.10.040 Eligibility for Participation in Charitable Campaign.

A.  In addition to a timely completed application to the Committee, each Umbrella Organization or City-Partnered Nonprofit seeking eligibility to participate must provide the following information for itself and the Umbrella Charity’s member Charitable Organizations:

1.  Documentation of Charitable Organization status and valid registration with the State of Oregon.

2.  Equal opportunity and nondiscrimination policy pertaining to:

a.  Delivery of charitable services;

b.  Employment opportunities, actions and benefits; and,

c.  Membership on the organization’s governing board; relating to race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, familial status, sexual orientation, national origin and other legally protected characteristics or status. The policy must certify that the Umbrella Organization and its member Charitable Organizations or City-Partnered Nonprofit have procedures and practices regarding equal opportunity and nondiscrimination that comply with federal, state and local laws including Portland City Code Title 23.

3.  Statement of the charitable work performed, describing solicitation activities, operational history, and the geographic region or location where the work is done. The Umbrella Organization and each of its Charitable Organizations or City-Partnered Nonprofit must have at least one year of operational history.

4.  Copies of the most recent financial report or statement certified by an independent public accountant, including the source and use of charitable contributions and fundraising activities, Form 990 filed with the Internal Revenue Services for the most recent fiscal year, and certification that each entity accounts for funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  Computation of the percentage of total support and revenue spent on fundraising and administrative expenses must not exceed 25 percent of its unrestricted income. Contributions by City employees shall not constitute restricted income and must be used for the Charitable Organization’s mission purpose.

5.  Adopted budget for the current fiscal year.

6.  Current articles of incorporation and by-laws, or other governing instruments.

7.  Certification of compliance with provisions of this Code and all applicable laws.

B.  The CAO or CAO’s designee will make the final eligibility determination for each annual Charitable Campaign and will prepare an ordinance for City Council authorizing campaign participants for each year.