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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5.10.050 Administration of Charitable Campaign.

OMF has administrative responsibility for the Charitable Campaign and will provide administrative support to the Committee. City administrative costs associated with each annual Charitable Campaign will be paid by the participating Umbrella Organizations and City-Partnered Nonprofits in proportion to the total contributions received in the Charitable Campaign. OMF will provide each Umbrella Organization and City-Partnered Nonprofit with information on the total number of employees who pledged contributions and the total dollar amount of pledged contributions. The City will not be liable for any uncollectible pledges. Pledged contributions will be deducted as voluntary payroll deductions of the participating employees.  Umbrella Organizations and City-Partnered Nonprofits are responsible for allocating funds to the applicable Charitable Organizations identified in employee pledges and providing written acknowledgement for donors to meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code. The CAO or CAO’s designee is authorized to formulate, approve and issue policies, administrative rules, and supplemental regulations related to the management and administration of the Charitable Campaign.