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The City of Portland, Oregon

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City of Portland



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14B.120.020 Definitions.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 184870 and 189078, effective July 18, 2018.)  As used in this Chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:

A.  "Alcoholic Beverage" means any liquid or solid containing more than one-half of one-percent alcohol and capable of being consumed by a human being.

B.  "Director" means the Director of the Office of Community & Civic Life, or the Director's designee.

C.  "Chief of Police" means the Chief of Police of the Portland Police Bureau.

D.  "Licensee" means any person holding a license issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

E.  "Establishment" means any location licensed under ORS Chapter 471 and includes all enclosed areas at the location that are used in the business operated at the location, including offices, kitchens, rest rooms and storerooms, including all public and private areas where patrons are permitted to be present.  "Establishment" also includes areas outside of a building that the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has specifically approved for serving alcoholic beverages.

F.  "Nuisance activity" means any of the following:

1.  Operation of sound producing equipment, as prohibited by City Code Section 14A.30.020.

2.  Disorderly conduct as defined in ORS 166.025 (2003).

3.  Offensive littering as defined in ORS 164.805 (2003).

4.  Drinking on public rights of way, unless officially authorized, as prohibited by City Code Section 14A.50.010.

5.  Interference with vehicle ingress and egress as prohibited by City Code Section 14A.50.035.

6.  Alcoholic beverage violations in parks, as prohibited by City Code Section 20.12.040, where the violation relates to a specific licensee.

7.  Discharge of a firearm at the establishment, as prohibited by City Code Section 14.A.60.020.

8.  Illegal Drug activity as defined by ORS Chapter 475.840 sections (1) – (4).

9.  Unlawful Prostitution Procurement Activities or loitering for the purpose of prostitution as defined in City Code Sections 14A.40.040 or 14A.40.050 or Illegal prostitution as defined in ORS 167.007.

10.  Criminal homicide as defined in ORS 163.005(2) and 163.095-163.149.

11.  Assault by means of a weapon or motor vehicle as defined in ORS 163.160(1)(b), 163.165(1)(a), 163.165(1)(c), 163.175(b)-(c), 163.185(a) and 163.185(d).

12.  Assault that causes serious physical injury as defined in ORS 163.165(b) and 163.175(a).

13.  Recklessly endangering another person as defined in ORS 163.195.

14.  Any felony sexual offense in the first degree as defined in ORS 163.375-163.427.

15.  Unlawful Use of a Weapon as defined in ORS 166.220.

G.  "Serve" or "serving" means to furnish, provide or supply alcoholic beverages to patrons or customers.