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17.25.080 Form and Conditions of Permit.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182870, 184957, 188850 and 189078, effective July 18, 2018.)  The permit issued shall be in a form deemed suitable by the City Engineer.  In addition to naming the name of the business and other information deemed appropriate by the City Engineer, the permit shall contain the following conditions:

A.  Each permit issued shall terminate December 31st of the year in which issued.

B.  The permit issued shall be personal to the Permittee only and is not transferable in any manner.

C.  The permit may be suspended by the City Engineer when a separate Community/Special Event permit has been issued.

D.  The permit is specifically limited to the approved Area of Operation.

E.  The Responsible Party shall use positive action to assure that its use of the sidewalk in no way interferes with or embarrasses sidewalk users or limits their free and unobstructed passage.

F.  The sidewalk and all things placed thereon shall at all times be maintained in a clean and attractive condition.  Trash containers may be provided for use by the cafe patrons.

G.  The Permit shall be posted in a conspicuous place near the main entrance visible from the sidewalk at all times.

H.  All furniture and equipment used in the operation of a sidewalk café shall be removed within a period of 10 days from the right-of-way when not available for use by patrons. Removal of furniture and equipment may be required, on a case by case basis, outside of the business’ hours of operation if determined necessary for safety or other reasons at the discretion of the Director of the Bureau of Transportation. The Portland Police Bureau or the Office of Community & Civic Life may provide recommendations for the consideration by the Director of the Bureau of Transportation.

I.  Responsible Party shall notify the Bureau of Transportation of any changes to the contact information provided in the City /Responsible Party Agreement.

J.  Outdoor cooking shall be prohibited.

K.   A sidewalk café event extension permit may be issued to extend Area of Operation on a temporary basis, during a community event street closure.