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The City of Portland, Oregon

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21.16.040 Delinquent Utility Bills.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 179978, 182053 and 189256, effective December 21, 2018.)

A.  The Portland Water Bureau shall have the authority to shut off water service to any property when any charge to a ratepayer’s account has not been paid within 10 days after that charge is due and payable.

Before water service is shut off for nonpayment the Portland Water Bureau shall give written notice to the service address provided by the water user as well as to the mailing address of the property owner or the party who has agreed with the Bureau to accept responsibility for payment.  Such notice shall state the anticipated date when the water will be shut off, as well as informing the ratepayer of the right to request an administrative review, and the procedure for requesting the review, to challenge the shut off.

It is the obligation of the water user or responsible party to ensure that the Water Bureau has the most current and accurate address for the user or responsible party.  There is no obligation on the part of the Bureau to determine if the address provided is the best or the most current address.

Once service is shut off, water shall not be provided again until all outstanding obligations for water provided to that user have been paid, or arrangements for payments have been made with the Water Bureau, including additional charges as established in the annual water rate ordinance.

The Portland Water Bureau may, but is not obligated to, allow for continuation of water service for a specified period of time prior to payment of outstanding charges if it is determined that the lack of water will endanger health or cause substantial hardship.  The continuation of water service may also be allowed when the delinquent ratepayer is willing to enter into a payment arrangement satisfactory to the Bureau for payment of all delinquent amounts on that ratepayer’s account.  However, if the charges are not paid as agreed, then the water may again be shut off and not turned on again until the outstanding charges are paid in full or arrangements for payments are made with the Bureau.

The Portland Water Bureau may institute legal proceedings and contract with third parties for the collection of delinquent water bills and charges.  The Bureau may require that a deposit be made with the Bureau to ensure payment of future water bills and charges. 

B.  When the delinquent bill includes user charges for sanitary sewer and stormwater management services, the Portland Water Bureau shall collect such charges pursuant to Section 21.16.040.

When the delinquent bill does not include charges for water service, delinquent user service charges for sanitary sewer and stormwater management services shall be collected by any legal means pursuant to Sections 3.24.020 and 3.24.030.