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The City of Portland, Oregon

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17.102.140 Residential Collection Franchise Required.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189293, effective January 11, 2019.) 

A.  No person may collect residential solid waste, recyclable or compostable materials, within the City without having obtained a franchise from the City, except as provided in 17.102.150 or 17.102.170 of this Chapter.

B.  Having obtained a franchise for residential solid waste, recyclable material and compostables collection from the City, no person shall provide or offer to provide such collection in an area within the City other than the assigned territory for which the franchise was issued.

C.  No person shall accumulate, store collect, transport, dispose of or resource recover solid waste, recyclable materials or compostables, except in compliance with this Chapter, other city ordinances and regulations, and state laws dealing with solid waste management.

D.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit the City from withdrawing certain solid waste, recyclable materials or compostables collection services by amendment of this Chapter on the basis of finding that such change is appropriate.

E.  No person other than an approved residential recycler may remove recyclable materials or compostables that are in or next to a residential recycling or compostables container set out at a residence.

F.  As provided in Section 29.30.140, owners of rental housing shall not collect solid waste generated by their tenants. Owners of rental residences must arrange for collection by a franchisee.