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17.102.150 Exceptions to Residential Franchise Requirement.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189293, effective January 11, 2019.) 

A.  A franchise is not required for the collection or transportation of residential solid waste, recyclable materials or yard debris by the following persons:

1.  Persons transporting solid waste, recyclable materials, or compostables, collected outside the City;

2.  Organizations which have been granted non-profit tax status by the federal government or who are organized as non-profit corporations in accordance with ORS Chapter 61 (2007) and who collect residential recyclable materials or compostables without charge to the person who generates those recyclable materials or compostables;

3.  A contractor employed to demolish, construct or remodel a building or structure, including, but not limited to, land clearing operations and construction wastes, when collecting or transporting wastes created in connection with such employment;

4.  Landscapers, gardeners, tree service contractors, janitors or renderers when collecting or transporting wastes created in connection with such employment;

5.  Persons collecting and transporting waste produced by that person, except for waste produced by a tenant at a rental dwelling.  For purposes of this Subsection, solid waste produced by a tenant, licensee, occupant or similar person is produced by that person and not by the landlord;

6.  Persons collecting or transporting only waste tires under a valid waste tire storage or carrier permit pursuant to OAR Chapter 340;

7.  Persons transporting only reusable beverage containers as defined in ORS 459A.725 (2007);

8.  Federal or state agencies that collect, store, transport and dispose of solid waste or those who contract with such agencies to perform the service, but only insofar as the service is performed by or for such agencies; and,

9.  Persons exclusively collecting recyclable materials or compostables, from non-residential sources.

B.  An organization is not required to have a franchise for the acceptance, storage or transportation of recyclable materials or compostables if those materials are accepted and stored at a depot or depots which accept recyclable material or compostables without a charge to the generator of that recyclable material or compostables.