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17.102.290 Storing Solid Waste, Recycling or Compostable Containers in the Right of Way Prohibited.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182671, 184288 and 189293, effective January 11, 2019.)

A.  No person may store, or cause to be stored, containers of solid waste, recycling or compostables in public right-of-way without a permit from the City Engineer, the City Traffic Engineer, or the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. For the purposes of this Section, storage means leaving containers in the right of way for more than 2 hours either before or after collection during normal business hours. If collection occurs after normal business hours, containers may be placed in the right of way at the close of business but must be removed from the right of way by the start of the following business day or within 24 hours of set out, whichever occurs first.

B.  The Director may provide exemptions from Subsection A. for extreme economic hardship.  Criteria for eligibility shall be based upon such factors as financial hardship for the property or business owner, conditions related to the property and resources necessary to provide adequate on-site, interior storage space for garbage and recycling containers. Exempted property shall be subject to the requirements of this Section following the termination of the hardship exemption.  Exemptions shall be for no more than two years.  Exemptions may be renewed upon reapplication by the property owner or business owner, after a re-evaluation of eligibility by the Director.  Exemptions shall be personal to the property or business owner, and shall not be assignable, transferable or otherwise be conveyable.  Exempted property shall be subject to the requirements of Subsection A. following expiration of any hardship exemption granted by the Director.

C.  The Director shall develop administrative rules and procedures for determining extreme economic hardships under Subsection B., using the process under Section 17.102.030.  The Director shall also adopt standards for space requirements for storage of containers of solid waste, recycling or compostables in new construction and when major alterations are made to existing buildings.

D.  The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability may charge fees to business and property owners who apply for an extreme economic hardship exemption to recover costs of administering the exemption program. All fees are stated in the Fee Schedule adopted by City Council. Fees will be updated on an as needed basis. The approved Fee Schedule is available through the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

E.  Denial of a request for exemption for extreme economic hardship may be appealed to the Code Hearings Officer in accordance with procedures set for in Chapter 22.10.