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The City of Portland, Oregon

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14B.10.100 Special Permits.

An alarm user required by federal, state, county or municipal statute, regulation, rule or ordinance to install, maintain and operate an alarm system shall be subject to this Chapter, provided:

A.  A permit shall be designated a special alarm user’s permit.  An alarm user seeking this type of special permit must submit proof of their eligibility for a special use permit (i.e., the federal, state, or local law requiring an alarm system) along with their permit application.  Special alarm use permits shall be issued at the same cost as a regular alarm user permit (except for alarm users over age 62 as outlined in this Chapter).

B.  A special alarm user’s permit for a system which has four false alarms in a permit year shall not be subject to the no response procedure specified but shall pay any fines according to the regular fine schedule according to this Chapter.

C.  The payment of any fine provided for in Subsection 14B.10.100 B. shall not be deemed to extend the term of the permit.