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3.122.050 Preliminary Institution of Economic Improvement District.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189413, effective March 6, 2019.) 

A.  The Council shall consider creation of an Economic Improvement District whenever owners of Subject Properties file with the Revenue Division a petition for the establishment of a District containing the signatures of the owners of 33 percent or more of the area or of the assessed value of subject properties within the proposed District or whenever a City Commissioner or the Mayor files a report recommending the establishment of a District.  A petition or report shall contain a Preliminary Economic Improvement Plan.

B.  The Council may adopt a resolution directing the lead bureau to begin the Economic Improvement District formation process if the Council finds that:

1.  The costs of administering the proposed Economic Improvement District would not be substantial in relationship to the cost of the economic improvements;

2.  It is not likely that the economic improvements would be satisfactorily and equitably accomplished except through establishment of the Economic Improvement District;

3.  Establishment of the Economic Improvement District would be in the public interest;

4.  In the case of a District intended to impose a mandatory assessment, that the assessment can be accommodated within the property tax limitation and City budget; and

5.  The economic improvements would afford a special and peculiar benefit to subject properties within the Economic Improvement District different in kind or degree from that afforded to the general public.

C.  The resolution may contain such revisions to the preliminary economic improvement plan as the Council deems appropriate based on the criteria set out in Paragraphs 1 through 5 of this Subsection and shall designate those City offices, bureaus, and commissions to be represented on the task force for the proposed District.

D.  Upon adoption by the Council of a resolution under Subsection B of this Section, the Mayor shall designate a lead bureau for the proposed Economic Improvement District from among those designated to be represented on the task force and shall refer the matter to the Commissioner In Charge.

E.  Immediately following the referral under Subsection D of this Section, the Commissioner In Charge shall appoint an advisory committee to assist the task force in development of the final economic improvement plan.  The Commissioner shall strongly consider appointment of owners of property within the Economic Improvement District to the advisory committee.  The Commissioner may appoint as the advisory committee an existing association of property owners or tenants or both.  The task force shall encourage participation of the advisory committee in the plan development and administration process.  The advisory committee shall appoint a representative to the task force.