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3.122.060 Final Plan and Ordinance Preparation.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189413, effective March 6, 2019.)

A.  Immediately following Council adoption of a resolution under Section 3.122.050 B, the head of each office, bureau and commission to be represented on the task force shall appoint its representative and notify the head of the lead bureau of the appointment.

B.  The Revenue Division’s representative shall provide to the task force a report setting out:

1.  Whether the petitioners under Section 3.122.050 A are owners of subject property in the proposed District;

2.  Delinquencies in taxes or City liens on subject properties in the proposed District;

3.  The true cash value of all real property located within the proposed District; and

4.  The zoning of land within the District, including verification that only land zoned for commercial or industrial use is included within the District.

C.  The lead bureau shall be responsible for preparing the documents referred to in Subsection D.

D.  The task force shall prepare for the Commissioner In Charge a report recommending whether the owners of property within the proposed Economic Improvement District shall be formally notified of the proposal to establish the District, taking into consideration the criteria set out in Section 3.122.050 B.  If the report recommends formal notification, the report shall include a proposed Final Economic Improvement Plan and the report of the Revenue Division’s representative provided under Subsection B.  The report also shall include a proposed ordinance that:

1.  States the Council’s intention to proceed with formal notification regarding the proposed Economic Improvement District;

2.  States whether the assessments will be mandatory or voluntary;

3.  Contains the information in the Final Economic Improvement Plan, which may be included by attachment of the Plan as an exhibit; and

4.  Directs notice to be given in the manner provided by PCC 3.122.080.