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3.122.080 Notice to Owners.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189413, effective March 6, 2019.)

A.  Following adoption of the ordinance under Section 3.122.070 B, the Revenue Division shall mail notice to the property owners within the proposed Economic Improvement District which contains the following information:

1.  The Council’s intent to form an Economic Improvement District.

2.  Benefitted properties will be assessed unless it is a voluntary assessment in which case only property owners who specifically request to be assessed will be assessed.  An owner who fails to submit a written objection before or at the public hearing on assessment shall be deemed to have made a specific request to be assessed.

3.  The formula for determining the amount of the assessment.

4.  The scope of the improvements and that the description of the boundaries of the proposed District and the full scope of the project are on file with the Revenue Division and where the file can be viewed.  It should state that:

a.  In the case of a voluntary assessment the scope and level of the improvements may be reduced depending on the amount of money collected; or

b.  In the case of a mandatory assessment the scope and level of the improvements may be reduced if the amount of the assessment is compressed to fit within the property tax limitation imposed by the Oregon Constitution, Art. XI § 11b.

5.  The estimated cost of the proposal, and that it may be reduced to the amount of money actually received.

6.  The date, time and place of the hearing and that the proposal could be modified as a result of public testimony.

7.  The classification or types of properties which are exempt and that a request for an exemption on an enclosed form must be filed not later than 21 days after the notice is mailed.

8.  In the case of a voluntary assessment that it is an incurred charge and is not a tax and is a charge outside the property tax limitations in the Oregon Constitution, Art. XI, §11b.