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The City of Portland, Oregon

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ART-3.01 - Prioritize Location Of City Offices And Operations In Historic Buildings

Binding City Policy

WHEREAS, City Council, through the Comprehensive Plan, enumerates goals and policies that seek to establish and enhance liveable neighborhoods, a strong economy, historic resource protection, citizen involvement, and quality urban design; and
WHEREAS, the Comprehensive Plan guides the future development and redevelopment of the City; and
WHEREAS, Chapters 33.445 and 33.846 (Historic Resource Protection Overlay Zone and Historic Reviews, respectively) of the Portland City Code were adopted in 1996 to protect historic resources as directed by the Comprehensive Plan; and
WHEREAS, The Historic Resources Code Amendments Project (HRCAP) introduced a number of financial and regulatory incentives that are intended to promote the preservation and rehabilitation of Portland’s historic resources; and
WHEREAS, the HRCAP amended the zoning code to require demolition review of historic resources listed in the National Register of Historic Places and resources classified as Contributing in National Register Historic Districts; and
WHEREAS, the City Council is committed to continuing efforts to reaffirm the value of Portland’s historic resources and promote their continued vitality and preservation; and
WHEREAS, The City can support historic preservation and lead by example by adopting policies that prioritize historic structures as locations for public services and operations.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following City services location preferences will be implemented by the responsible City bureaus and offices:
(a) City-owned or controlled buildings will be given priority for the location of City offices and operations.
(b) If City-owned or controlled buildings do not have available space or cannot meet locational or space requirements, non-City owned buildings may be considered.
(c) When evaluating non-City owned buildings that equally meet locational, cost and space requirements, preference will be given to buildings that are individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places or classified as contributing in National Register Historic Districts.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution is binding city policy.

Resolution No. 36267 adopted by Council October 27, 2004.