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The City of Portland, Oregon

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5.52.020 Cancellation of Checks and Issue of in Lieu Checks.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 173369 and 189452, effective May 10, 2019).  The Accounting Division on behalf of the Mayor and Auditor shall have the authority to cancel any City check issued for the payment of money and to issue in lieu thereof one or more checks; provided, that in lieu checks shall be drawn against the same fund and shall not exceed in the aggregate the amount of the check cancelled; and provided further, that such in lieu checks shall state on the face thereof the numbers and date of the check in lieu of which they are issued.  In the event that a check is claimed to have been lost, stolen, or destroyed the payee or holder shall promptly give notice to the City Treasurer to stop payment and file with the Accounting Division a request for a new check which shall include a statement of facts concerning the claimed loss, theft or destruction of the check.  The Accounting Division on behalf of Mayor and the Auditor shall have the authority to issue a new check in place of the lost check; provided, however, that before delivery of the substitute check, the Accounting Division shall require from the payee a document relieving the City, its officers and employees from all harm in connection with the drawing and delivery of the substitute check, which document shall be approved as to form by the City Attorney.