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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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3.125.030 Membership.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 185304, 186729 and 189462, effective May 17, 2019.)  The DPC shall consist of the following members:

A.  The Mayor, who shall be Chair;

B.  Commissioner serving as President of the City Council, who shall be Vice Chair; 

C.  If the Mayor or the President of the Council is not the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management, the Commissioner-in-Charge of the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management or his or her designee, unless it would create a quorum of the City Council;

D.  Chief Administrative Officer;

E.  City Attorney;

F.  City Auditor;

G.  Director, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management;

H.  Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue;

I.  Chief of Portland Police Bureau;

J.  Director, Bureau of Emergency Communications;

K.  Administrator, Portland Water Bureau;

L.  Director, Bureau of Transportation;

M.  Director, Human Resources;

N.  Director, Bureau of Environmental Services;

O.  Director, Portland Parks and Recreation;

P.  Director, Bureau of Development Services;

Q.  Director, Joint Office of Homeless Services

R.  Director, Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

S.  Director, Bureau of Technology Services

T.  If the Mayor is unavailable to Chair the DPC, the duties shall be performed and authority exercised by the first of the City officials in the order of membership listed in Subsections A.-S. above who is able and available.