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The City of Portland, Oregon

Charter, Code and Policies

City of Portland



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Online Code Updated Through March 31, 2020

The Online Code includes all Code changes effective through March 31, 2020. Title 33 update information available on the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Zoning Code Update website.) 

Recent Online City Code Changes

Authorizing Ordinance # Ordinance Title Passed by Council Effective Date
189580 amended by Ordinance No. 189714 Add Evaluation of Applicants for Dwelling Units to include renter protections in the form of screening criteria regulations (Add Code Section 30.01.086) 6/19/2019 3/1/2020
189581 amended by Ordinance No. 189715 Add Security Deposits; Pre-paid Rent to include renter protections in the form of security deposit regulations (Add Code Section 30.01.087) 6/19/2019 3/1/2020
189805 Amend the Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan Map, Zoning Map, Title 33-Planning and Zoning, Title 18-Noise Control, Title 30-Affordable Housing, Title 32-Signs and Related Regulations to revise the Multi-Dwelling Residential designations and base zones (Amend Code Title 33, 18, 30 and 32)  Note:  The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability is in charge of everything except for amending Title 18, 30 and 32 12/18/2019 3/1/2020 (part is not effective until 6/1/2020)
189861 Extend a Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to fund Portland's Street Repair and Traffic Safety Program (Amend Code Section 7.02.500) 2/12/2020 3/13/2020
189878  Amend Revenue and Finance Code to streamline the procurement and contracting process (Amend Code Chapters 5.33, 5.34 and 5.68) 3/4/2020 3/4/2020
189881 Amend the Open and Accountable Elections Program to permit the Director to reduce the total public contribution for special elections if the amount in the Open and Accountable Elections Fund is insufficient (Amend Code Section 2.16.090) 3/4/2020 3/4/2020
189895 Amend Transportation and Parking Demand Management Code to exempt Affordable Dwelling Units from Multimodal Incentive Fee to reflect Title 33 Transportation Demand Management requirement for multi-dwelling zones adopted through the Better Housing by Design legislative process (Amend Code Chapter 17.107) 3/18/2020 3/18/2020

Questions about the Charter and City Code may be directed to Auditor's Code Editor

Questions about the Portland Policy Documents (PPD) may be directed to the Auditor's Policy Editor.