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17.102.210 Commercial Collection Permit Required.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182671, 189293 and 189891, effective April 17, 2020.)

A.  No person shall provide commercial collection of solid waste, compostables and recyclable material within the City without having a currently valid commercial collection permit from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, except as provided in Section 17.102.220.  Permits shall be issued annually, with the permit being valid for the period beginning July 1 and ending June 30. No expenditure of money, lapse of time or other act or thing, shall give the permittee any vested rights or other property rights.

B.  The Director may impose conditions upon the issuance of a permit which are necessary to implement the provisions of this Chapter or administrative rules promulgated under Section 17.102.030. Conditions shall include but not be limited to:

1.  Permittees must comply with the provisions of this Chapter and administrative rules promulgated under Section 17.102.030.

2.  If a permittee provides solid waste collection services to a customer, the permittee must offer recycling collection services to the customer. The permittee shall also offer compostable material collection services to a customer that is a covered food scrap generating business subject to the requirements of Subsection 17.102.270 A.1.c.

a.  Permittees may provide recycling and compostable material collection services either directly or through third-party providers. Where a permittee provides such services through a third party provider, the permittee shall be responsible for reporting to the City the quantities of all materials collected by that provider on its behalf within the City.

b.  In providing recycling and compostable material collection services, permittees shall use containers that comply with the City’s administrative rules.

3.  If the Director determines that a permittee is delivering as waste, loads containing significant amounts of recyclable materials to a transfer station, reload, or landfill, the Director shall work with the permittee to identify customers on the routes serviced in those loads for the purpose of providing customer outreach, assistance and education.

4.  Permittees may charge a person who source separates recyclable material - and makes it available for reuse or recycling - less, but not more, for collection and disposal of solid waste and collection of recyclable material than the collection service charges a person who does not source separate recyclable material.  This subsection does not affect charges for the collection of food scraps.

C.  Any person who provides commercial collection of solid waste within the City without a current commercial collection permit from the City shall be subject to an assessment as provided by Section 17.102.090.

D.  No person who is not authorized by the customer may remove recyclable material that is set out by the customer for recycling.

E.  As provided in Section 29.30.140, owners of rental housing shall not collect solid waste generated by their tenants. Owners of multifamily complexes must arrange for collection by a permittee.