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The City of Portland, Oregon

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13.30.010 Owner Responsibilities.

A.  Requirements and best practice recommendations. All beekeepers must meet the provisions of this Title and any administrative rules for best practices determined applicable by the Director.

B.  Nuisances complaints. Beekeepers are required to respond immediately to remediate nuisance complaints regarding their bees such as, but not limited to:  hive placement, swarming, waste removal, watering practices, or hive entrance orientation.

C.  Oregon Department of Agriculture. Beekeepers must comply with all Oregon Department of Agriculture registration requirements.

D.  Neighbor notification. Prior to installing beehives, beekeepers must send a letter to the owners of the properties within 150 feet of the site outlining their intention to keep beehives on their property and how the provisions of this Title and any administrative rules for best practices will be met. The letter shall include information on how to contact the beekeeper for more information, to ask questions or to share feedback. Beekeepers shall keep documentation to prove this requirement has been met. This requirement is meant to allow neighbors an opportunity to become aware of and comment, in an informal manner, before the beehives are installed. By sharing information and concerns, all involved have the opportunity to identify ways to resolve potential conflicts. While the comments from the neighbors are not binding, a collaborative approach is encouraged.