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TRN-3.209 - Central Eastside Industrial District Parking Permit Program

Binding City Policy

The Council finds:
1. Seriousness adverse effects are created in certain areas and neighborhoods in the City of Portland by motor vehicle congestion, particularly the long-term parking of motor vehicles on the streets in such areas by commuters not working, conducting business or living in the area.
2. Tittle 16 of the Code of the City of Portland provides guidelines for the establishment and administration of an Area Parking Permit Program.
3. The Central Eastside Industrial District has approached the City of Portland to determine if a computer parking problem exists within the boundaries of middle of East Burnside to the middle of SE Hawthorne, and from the East bank of the Willamette Rive to the middle of SE Grand Avenue. City staff has studied the area over the last 6 years and concluded that a commuter parking problem does exist.
4. The large number of non-area workers parking in the Central Eastside area makes parking difficult for customers, clients, employees, residents, and visitors creating a barrier to continued redevelopment of this important industrial sanctuary area.
5. The Central Eastside Industrial District has met the necessary program criteria and has indicated by petition and ballot its desire to participate in an Area Parking Permit Program.
6. That Bureau of Traffic Management has studied the area, conducted several public meetings and concludes that a commuter parking problem does exist, and has determined the area meets the necessary program criteria to establish an Area Parking Permit Program.

Now Therefore, the Council directs:
a) The Bureau of Traffic Management to implement an Area Parking Permit Program in the Central eastside Industrial District, subject to the provisions of Tittle 16.20.800 of the Code of the City of Portland, to be operational prior to August 1, 1988.

Ordinance No. 172305 passed by Council May 27, 1988.
Filed for inclusion in PPD December 5, 2003.
(Re-indexed by City Auditor October 2005 - formerly indexed as BCP-TRN-3.22)