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Community Residential Siting

The Community Residential Siting Program Was Discontinued

Due to Lack of Funding in 2012

The Community Residential Siting Program (CRSP) was a service offered through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement designed to address issues, questions and concerns of citizens, neighborhood associations, social service providers and service recipients related to the siting and operations of Community Residential Facilities in Portland. The resources and tools developed as part of the program remain available to providers and the community. However, the materials have not been updated so may not address all requirements.


The Important Role of Communication

Good communication is the key to healthy community relations. It is in the interest of both the neighborhood and the special needs housing facility to formulate strategies for effective communication. In situations in which the housing provider, the residents, and the neighborhood have few concerns about the nature and operation of the facility, the communication strategy may be fairly informal. A presentation at a neighborhood association meeting may suffice. In other instances when there are many issues of concern between the neighborhood and the housing provider, a more formal strategy may need to be developed. At any stage of communication and discussion the use of a trained neutral facilitator may be useful. The staff at Resolutions Northwest's Neighborhood Mediation Program can sometimes assist in these situations.
Although services were not always legally required, our experience has shown that when providers get involved at the early stages of the siting process, many of the pitfalls of siting a facility are avoided and the results are more often satisfactory to neighbors, providers and clients. Sometimes a good neighbor agreement is a useful tool in establishing reasonable expectations and communication.


Contact for historical information about the program: Amy Archer, 503-823-2294

Contact for current siting issues: Bureau of Housing - Sally Erickson, 503-823-0883

For neighborhood mediation services: Resolutions Northwest, 503-595-4890

Siting Guidebook for Neighbors

A frequently asked questions document that provides basic information about how Community Residential Facilities are sited as well as an inventory of current laws and regulations impacting the siting process for various types of special needs populations.

Community Involvement Strategies, Resources, and Tools for Social Service Providers

2001 Guide for providers and developers who are siting community residential facilities in Multnomah County

Recommended Public Involvement Guidelines

Created by the Community Residential Siting Advisory Committee, these guidelines provide a framework for developing communication and involvement strategies with neighbors including a simple 5 step process for ensuring good community relations.

2002 Site Selection Guidelines for Post Incarceration Facilities

These guidelines were created specifically for providers or developers that may be siting a Post Incarceration Facility.