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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Licensee Information and Forms


The City’s liquor licensing program is housed within the Office of Community & Civic Life. Serving alcohol, and managing people who are consuming alcohol, are big responsibilities. Our goal is to help you provide this service in a way that brings people together, ensures safe practices, and contributes to the vibrancy of our communities.


Want a license to sell alcohol in Portland? Here’s a checklist to get you started:

Step 1: What kind of liquor license will you need? Liquor licenses can be divided into two main categories- Annual Licenses and Temporary Sales Licenses for special events. Both types of licenses have sub-categories that match with their use (i.e. On-Premises sales, Off-Premises sales, Distillery, etc.). The Oregon Liquor Control Commission can help you determine which type of license best fits your need. 

  • Annual Liquor License- annually renewed license typically used by restaurants, grocery stores, bars, breweries
  • Temporary Sales License- short term license typically used for fundraisers, street fairs, festivals, performance events, special events


Step 2: Get the forms: In Oregon, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) holds ultimate authority over liquor licensing. Licensing applications begin and end with the OLCC. The OLCC creates and owns most of the forms you'll need to apply. Portland participates in the licensing process by supporting application review, public information, and public safety.

  • OLCC forms: Visit the OLCC webpage to download up-to-date liquor licensing forms

City of Portland forms:

* Both annual and temporary license applications MUST be reviewed and approved by the City of Portland and by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC).


Step 3: Know your deadlines and fees: Annual licenses and temporary event licenses have different applications, timelines and fees.

City of Portland liquor licensing application fees: 

          • New License / New Outlet - $100
          •     Can submit to the City at any time after initial OLCC review. Allow 45 days for processing.
          • Change of Ownership / Change of Privilege / Other Annual Change - $75
          •     Can submit to the City at anytime after initial OLCC review. Allow 45 days for processing.
          • Annual License Renewal Fee - $35
          •     Submit to the City according to assigned OLCC District schedule. 
          • Temporary / Special Event - $35


Submit to the City no fewer than 7 days prior to your event. 
OLCC requires 2-4 weeks to process a temporary event application.


Step 4: Submit the right forms to the right place: While a few forms and fees can be submitted online or mailed, a few are required to be done in person. It’s important to find out these details well in advance of your Grand Opening, or special event. For example, if you are applying for a Temporary Sales Liquor License and are starting this process more than one month prior to your special event, you can likely mail in your application and fee. Call the Liquor Licensing program for information about your specific situation.  


Step 5: Don't forget to renew: All annual liquor licenses held within the City of Portland must be renewed with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) and also renewed with the City of Portland. The renewal fee for the City of Portland is $35.00 per license. You may submit your City of Portland renewal online, in-person or by mail.


Additional Information:

For sidewalk seating, talk to Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT).

If you want to have a band or amplified music on your patio, talk to the City's Noise Control program.
Make sure to check with the OLCC to find out their requirements.

USEFUL CONTACT INFORMATION: We are all here to help!
Here’s how to get a hold of us and a few other important partner agencies:
City of Portland Liquor Licensing Program: Phone: 503-823-4520; email:
Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC): Phone: 503-872-5000
Portland Business Alliance: Phone: 503-224-8684;
City of Portland Neighborhood Program: Phone: 503-823-5827; email:

Welcome Brochure

Helpful information for liquor licensed businesses in Portland

Liquor License Renewal Form

If you have not kept a copy of your OLCC license renewal form, you may use this form to renew your liquor license with the City of Portland. Please submit this form with a $35.00 processing fee payable to “City of Portland.”

Oregon's Indoor Clean Air Act

Information from the Oregon Health Authority regarding outdoor smoking and compliance.

Security Checklist for Liquor License Establishments

Click here for a security checklist compiled by the Crime Prevention Program to assist with the design, security, and management practices for your establishment.

Line Queue Sidewalk Stanchion Permit

The purpose of the permit is to organize use in and around businesses that draw late night lines within the Special Traffic Control District. It provides management of through passage areas that become congested as a result of the late night activity.

Street Level Gang Outreach Worker Program

Street Level Gang Outreach Workers provide intervention outreach services to city areas considered hotspots for gang related activity, while working in coordination with law enforcement during hours of highest activity probability.