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Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities


The joint City of Portland and Multnomah County community emergency notification system is able to send phone, text/SMS and email alerts to addresses within Multnomah County. Emergency responders use the system to notify residents and businesses affected during an emergency. Their alerts often suggest safety actions such as staying inside or evacuating.

The system is preprogrammed with local landline phone numbers from phone company records. To receive messages by email, text, cell phone or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), residents must register relevant contact information at

The notification system is just one of several tools used by emergency responders to alert the public. It is not activated in all situations. Emergency information is also provided through broadcast and print media, social media, the website and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) on TV and radio.


What Is The Additional Needs Registry?

The Additional Needs Registry is a voluntary program for those persons in Portland and Multnomah County who may need specific disability-related assistance and/or accommodations in the event of a major disaster. Signing up for the registry is done through the website

Specific accommodations and assistance needs may include communicating through alternative means, requiring specialized para-transit services, life sustaining medications or equipment, etc.

Enrollees should still take appropriate measures to become as self-prepared as necessary, given their particular personal situations. Enrollees are not prioritized for first consideration or evacuation.

Who should register?

Everyone in Portland and Multnomah County should register to receive notifications at You should fill out the Additional Needs Registry section if you have difficulty with one or more of the following activities: getting around inside your home; getting in or out of bed or a chair; bathing; dressing; eating; seeing; hearing; speaking; thinking; understanding; lifting/carrying; using stairs; and walking.


How do I register?

If you have access to a computer you can sign up at You will be prompted to fill in your contact information. After you complete the first section you will be asked about having additional needs in a disaster. Check the box and you will be taken to the Additional Needs Registry.

If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance in filling out the application, please call the Multnomah County Helpline at (503) 988-3646. Staff will take your information over the phone to set you up in the system.

What happens with my information?

Your information will only be used for emergency and disaster-related efforts. Emergency management officials use the information to ensure plans reflect the needs and demographics of the community.

Some information is entered into the 9-1-1 system to assist emergency responders. It is essential your information is kept up-to-date. Volunteers will call you on a yearly basis to confirm your information is accurate. 


PGE Temporary Power Outage Planned for Downtown Portland, March 10 and March 24 2019

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Emergency Plan Ideas for People with Disabilities

As a person with a disability, it is important to take some time before a disaster to think through your personal plan. Here are some ideas to help.

Neighborhood Emergency Teams

If you are a person with a disability and would like to be trained and certified as a member of your Neighborhood Emergency Team contact the Bureau of Emergency Management.