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City Bureaus' Budget Advisory Committee Process

The PIAC conducted an in-depth evaluation and review of City bureaus’ budget advisory committee (BAC) processes. Each year, bureaus are required to involve an advisory committee in the development of their budget.  However, no guidelines or best practices for involving the public have been provided to bureaus to date.  PIAC members have developed a set of recommendations for this purpose which they are bringing to City Council in Fall 2012 for implementation in the development of the City’s 2013-2014 budget process.

The PIAC observed past bureau budget processes, conducted interviews with staff and community members and evaluated budget materials in order to create recommendations that would improve future processes.

The PIAC will be developing a BAC best practices “how-to” manual that will contain several best practices and recommendations that bureaus can adopt.  Recommendations have been developed regarding community outreach, participation, meeting and presentation materials, website materials, guidance for compliance with ADA and Limited English Proficiency regulations, and a proposed Citywide program to raise community capacity to engage in the budget process.

BAC 2019 Review Report

Budget Advisory Workgroup reviewed the BAC process - Final Report and Recommendations

Budget Process Questionnaire

The PIAC Process group developed five evaluation tools to evaluate the 2010-2011 budget process. Observations were collected for the purpose of developing best practices for future budget cycles.

Focus group notes on public involvement in budget process

In September 2009, the PIAC Process group held a focus group with Office of Neighborhood Involvement Budget Advisory Committee members regarding what they would like to see improved in the City's budget process.