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What is Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program designed to increase the sense of safety and community in neighborhoods by organizing and involving individuals and their families in united crime prevention efforts. When neighbors take the responsibility to build and maintain livable and cohesive neighborhoods, those neighborhoods identify and report crime and suspicious behavior and are generally less vulnerable to crime. Neighborhood Watch is often formed when residents notice chronic problems and/or increases in crime and suspicious activities in their neighborhood. However, it is beneficial to organize one as a proactive measure.

The primary purposes of Neighborhood Watch are:

  • To reduce crime and the fear of crime
  • To ensure a prompt and effective response to crime and livability problems
  • To promote positive communication and relationships within neighborhoods



What type of Watch do you need?

Neighborhood Watch

This watch group refers to traditional housing, residence, and streets. Residents of the home can include renters or home owners. Single businesses within a housing neighborhood can be included.

Apartment Watch

This watch group refers to multi-family housing which includes but is not limited to duplexes, apartments, condos, and other forms of vertical housing establishments. Apartment watch must include active residents and be tenant sponsored. Management is encouraged to support and assist these groups.

Park Watch

This watch group refers to households and businesses who have direct view of any City park. Frequent patrons of park who may not live in the area are also invited to participate in Park Watch. They work as a neighborhood watch in coordination with the Parks Department’s Park Rangers program and other public safety agencies.



If you are unsure which Watch group fits your community needs or for general information read our brochure on "Establishing Your Neighborhood Watch" on our handout page or email your crime prevention team. Business Watch does not fall under the category of Neighborhood Watch please read "Establishing Your Business Watch" available on the Civic Life Crime Prevention  handout page:

Starting a new Watch? Download our Neighborhood invitation PDF to invite your neighbors to your Neighborhood Watch Training.


Neighborhood Watch Invitation Template

Starting a Neighborhood Watch? Download our Neighborhood Watch Invitation Template PDF to get started.

Establishing a Neighborhood Watch brochure

Learn the basics about Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch manual

Learn in detail about Watch programs- how they are started, how they operate, the benefits, and much more

Request a Neighborhood Watch from East Crime Prevention Team

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