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Disability Power PDX

Disability Engagement takes a new form

Our successful leadership cohorts have taught us that we need something more. Furthermore, feedback from cohort participants, requests from community members, and colleagues seeking stronger outcomes from their work, point toward a strong and clear desire for more information. Rarely are we clear about the actual needs of disabled people with obvious or latent civic engagement potential.

In response to this feedback and reflection, particularly calls for data-informed offerings and opportunities, the Office of Community & Civic Life is sponsoring a Study of Disability Engagement & Equity. This is an exciting opportunity to reconnect with old friends and new around what works, what doesn't, and what gets in the way when our communities strive to engage for the common good. 

So in 2019 – 2020, our leadership endeavors will be unique. This year we plan to reach broad swaths of disabled Portlanders to find out what YOU need and want to be deeply engaged in your communities and your city. These research efforts include opportunities for people with disabilities at all levels of the production. Our work needs to be grounded in a deep understanding of Portland's disability communities and a wide variety of experiences across multiple identities. This study is a piece of that understanding.

This will inform our Disability Program AND the City of Portland, so we can be better than ever at connecting with all Portlanders. 

Stay tuned for opportunities to be part of this critical project. 


And in the meantime...

 Stay in the loop!

  • Sign up for the Disability NEWS for the latest opportunities from around the Portland area to connect on all things disability. 


You may also contact Joanne at or 503-823-9970 to discuss specific interests or ask questions.


 Learn about Past Disability Leadership Cohorts


Read Our 2018 Disability Power PDX Report 

Photo of 2018 Disability Power PDX Cohort in Council Chambers

Read our 2017 Disability Leadership Academy Report

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Disability Power PDX values

Accessible, Equitable, and Actively Anti-Racist

The City of Portland’s Disability Program is committed to Disability Power PDX being accessible, equitable, and actively anti-racist. As part of living these committments, during Disability Power PDX, we will practice lifting up the voices and experiences of historically underrepresented individuals and communities. We will practice challenging oppressive remarks and behaviors. We will practice accessibility and accommodation as part of our way of being in space and with each other.

Concretely Recognizing Community Contributions

To support equitable participation, each Disability Power PDX Member received a stipend to recognize their time and contribution to the City of Portland, and all sessions included lunch. Childcare and transportation support was provided.


Thank you for your interest in Disability Power PDX!