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Code Change Project Updates

  • Multilingual Community Connections Gathering

  • Community members gather at 3.96 Code Change event

  • English Community Conversation at Parkrose High School

  • Russian Community Conversation hosted by IRCO

  • Vietnamese Community Conversation hosted by IRCO

  • Spanish Community Conversation hosted by Hacienda CDC

  • Somali Community Conversation hosted by Somali American Council of Oregon


Thank you for following along with Civic Life’s Code Change Project. Some of you have been with us since we started this project (July 2018) and some have joined us recently—we welcome you and are excited you are here.

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 Project Timeline

Project timeline - Summer present to City Council


Frequently Asked Questions - A list of questions and explanations based on ongoing conversations informed by the year-long code change process.



Portland City Council Hearing
City Code Chapter 3.96

Thursday, November 14, 2019
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Portland, OR

Code Change language recommended by Committee 3.96 - updated 8/30/2019

Draft Administrative Rule 3.96

Community Feedback Survey regarding recommended Code Change language 

Learn more about Committee 3.96 membership and timeline/history


Throughout the code change process, we have heard many stories of people's relationships to civic engagement. Here are but a few stories shared with us.



To serve more communities, we are reaching beyond our existing audiences and connecting with groups and communities whose lived experiences, values, and aspirations have not been reflected in Chapter 3.96. Over-relying on any one tool will not get us the rich cross-section of perspectives we seek. To gain diverse perspectives, we have engaged with the community on concepts critical to our work in the following ways>>



Committee 3.96 was formed to recommend changes to Chapter 3.96. The twenty-five members include leaders from Neighborhood Associations and Neighborhood Coalitions, entrepreneurs, faith-based, youth and leaders from disability communities. Meet the committee and read about their Portland moment here>>



We are excited about our partnerships with the next generation of Portlanders. Students from two high school journalism programs: Parkrose and David Douglas are using the code change project as a topic for learning about City functioning and for storytelling to their peers in the manner and content they choose.


Questions? Contact Sabrina Wilson, Code Change Project Manager at

Project Background

What does the current City Code Chapter 3.96 state?
The current City Code Chapter 3.96 “creates a framework by which the people of the City of Portland may effectively participate in civic affairs and work to improve the livability and character of their Neighborhoods and the City.” This code describes the functions of the Office of Community & Civic Life.

Although broad in scope, this code served to create a formal link only between the City, Neighborhood Associations, and District Coalitions. Since then our office’s programs and relationship with the public have evolved. The 2016 Office of Neighborhood Involvement audit also highlighted the need to update Bureau practices and City Code to ensure Portlanders have equal access to City’s decision-making process. The ways in which Civic Life connects and works with Portlanders have evolved, so must the ways we represent ourselves to our constituents and partners.

How is a City Code different than Charter?
City Charter is the constitution of a City government. City Codes are the governing laws written in the City Charter. Charter can only be changed by the vote of the people and City Code is changed by ordinance passed by the City Council.

Identifying our partners

- Committee Facilitator: Robin Teater Executive Director of Healthy Democracy. Robin will facilitate Committee 3.96 meetings.
- Community engagement and feedback: Joy Alise Davis, M.A. founder of Design+Culture Lab.

How can you participate in revising City Code Chapter 3.96?
We recognize that there are multiple ways of engaging with the community — from community surveys to conversations in multiple languages in multicultural settings. We offer these options to provide a platform for Portlanders to author their own experiences in ways that suit their engagement needs. 

Additional ways to engage will be announced as they are available.

Proposed Code Change language - updated 08.30.2019

Proposed Code Change language - updated 08.30.2019

Draft Administrative Rule 3.96

Draft Administrative Rule 3.96

Recommended Code Change Language

Code Change language, recommended by Committee 3.96 July 18, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions: Code Change

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding City Code Chapter 3.96 Change

Civic Engagement to me is...

Art from Portlanders on civic engagement.

Community Conversations

This article has information about the community conversations.

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Resolution to convene a Code Change Committee

This resolution authorizes the bureau to convene a code change committee, comprised of members that have a wide range of perspectives, who will report back to Council with recommendations for updating Chapter 3.96.

Support for convening Code Change Committee

Presenters testifying to Portland City Council on July 18, 2018 in support of convening a Code Change Committee