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City Council Resolution of 1996 - Citizen Involvement Principles

Citizen Involvement Principles

The following resolution was adopted by the City Council of Portland, Oregon on February 7, 1996. It articulates the City's commitment to citizen involvement.

As elected officials and staff of the City of Portland, we believe that effective citizen involvement is essential to good governance. We recognize that elected officials, staff and citizens all play important roles in governing the city. We believe that collaboration between the City and citizens will result in the best policies and decisions for all of Portland. To this end, the City of Portland commits to promote and sustain an environment that creates and responds to citizen involvement.

We hold that the success of citizen involvement depends on:
Mutual respect of all parties; Informed and involved citizens; City officials and staff who recognize their role in facilitating and responding to citizen input.

To carry out our commitment, we adopt these guiding principles of citizen involvement:
  • Value civic involvement as essential to the health of the city.
  • Promote on-going dialogue with citizens by maintaining relationships with neighborhood and community groups.
  • Respect and encourage citizen participation by ensuring that City communications and processes are understandable.
  • Reach out to all our communities to encourage participation which reflects Portland's rich diversity.
  • Think creatively and plan wisely, using citizen involvement processes and techniques to best fit the goals of the particular project.
  • Seek early involvement of citizens in planning, projects, and policy development.
  • Consider and respond to citizen input in a timely manner, respecting all perspectives and insights.
  • Commit to coordinate City bureaus' outreach and involvement activities to make the best use of citizens' time and efforts.
  • Evaluate and report on the effectiveness of City outreach efforts to achieve the quality of City/citizen collaboration critical to good governance.
  • Promote on-going education of citizens in neighborhood and community groups, and City officials and staff in community organizing, networking, and collaboration.
  • Provide financial and technical support to Portland's neighborhood association network as the primary channel for citizen input and involvement.