Tuesday, February 12, 2002

SUMMARY NOTES: Guidelines Review, Empowerment & Assessment Team, GREAT

City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement


Members Present:
Patricia Gardner, Co-Chair Pearl District Neighborhood Association
Moshe Lenske , Co-Chair Woodstock Neighborhood Association

Nancy Chapin Alliance of PDX Neighborhood Bus. Assocs.
Cathy Crawford University Park Neighborhood Association
Leonard Gard Southwest Neighborhood, Inc.
Raymond Hites Lents Neighborhood Association
Brian Hoop Office of Neighborhood Involvement
David Lane Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Stanley Lewis Downtown Community Association
Jerry Powell Goose Hollow Foothills League N.A.
Michael O'Malley Irvington Community Association
Charles Shi Communities Beyond Neighborhood Boundaries
Mark Sieber Neighbors West/Northwest
Ruth Spetter City Attorney's Office
William Warren Central Northeast Neighbors

Joleen Jensen-Classen Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Kathy Bambeck Bridlemile Neighborhood Association
Lee Perlman media

Decisions by this group are subject to change at future meetings.
Opportunities for public input at the end of meeting and future workshops.
These minutes have not been approved yet by the committee.

Changes to January 22, 2002 Minutes
· Fix date on minutes.
· Add Kathy Bambeck as visitor.
· Comment that it is important to include both municipal and state open meetings law should not be attributed to Ruth.
· Spelling correction to Vice-versa.

Responsibilities of Neighborhood Associations
(Chapter 3.96.030 section C according to the new numbering system.)

Proposed Language as of 1-22-02

C. Responsibilities of Neighborhood Associations.

1. Neighborhood associations shall abide by ORS Chapter 192 regulating open meetings and public records.

2. Neighborhood associations shall include affected City agencies in discussion when engaged in planning efforts which affect neighborhood livability and shall cooperate with City agencies in seeking outside sources of funding for neighborhood projects affecting neighborhood livability.

Sentence #1 already approved.

Sentence #2: Issue of when to include City agencies

· This issue goes back to neighborhood organizing due to the Mt. Hood Freeway proposals or the Housing and Community Development Block Grant era in the 70's when neighborhoods were seeking grants without City involvement. In the 70's federal grants were more readily available to community groups. City did not want neighborhood associations competing or seeking funds without working with the City.

Comments opposed to requiring contacting City agencies

· Concern raised requiring neighborhood groups to work with the City is micro-managing. If a neighborhood group wants to go after a small grant they should be able to without engaging the City. This responsibility is also required through the coalition contracts so its duplicative. Associations often initiate small projects that should not require cooperation. Associations are not required to cooperate with the State and Federal government, however, most associations do cooperate to be community orientated. We can not mandate what associations can and can not do. Concern raised that if you accept money you are obligating your organization to certain requirements in order to be recognized. But disagreement made that associations should not have their agendas dictated by the City. Citizens shall tell the City what to do and not have the City tell the neighborhoods what to do.


· Proposal made to drop all of #2.
· Suggestion to say "inform" instead of "notify." Concern raised that this is a trap that will be too onerous on associations. Perhaps we should not require this of associations.
· Group agrees to drop idea of a corollary requirement for associations to "notify" city bureaus. Citizen volunteers should not have to be held to same standard as City bureaus.

Comments in support of requiring contacting City agencies (current language)

· North Portland residents finding it useful to work with the City in efforts to replant hillsides that were burned last summer. Comment made that once you do accept City money you are committing to be a part of a partnership. Sometimes associations are engaged with bureaus on regulatory projects that are required by broader mandates and it makes sense to work cooperatively.


· Proposal to include Neighborhood Associations shall "attempt to engage/communicate with" City agencies etc…
· Proposal made: "Neighborhood associations shall make a reasonable effort to cooperate with City agencies in Planning efforts."
· Proposal to soften first sentence to say "Neighborhood Associations shall "involve" affected City bureaus…
· Proposal to add: "Neighborhood Associations shall make a reasonable effort to include affected City agencies in planning efforts which affect neighborhood livability."
· Proposal to add: "Neighborhood Associations shall notify City bureaus affected by planning efforts or other actions affecting the livability of the neighborhood(s)."

Issue of when seeking outside funding

· Suggestion made if associations are seeking funding to simply notify a City agency. The City may not be interested or different bureaus may not agree. Example made of the SW Community Plan when the City dropped the effort and neighborhood associations organized independently to carry the planning on without City funding. Through negotiations the City agreed to work on it again.


· Proposal made to drop all of #2 or drop the second half after "livability."

· Motion: Drop second part. "and shall cooperate with City agencies in seeking outside sources of funding for neighborhood projects affecting neighborhood livability." Passed. Dissent raised that Council may take notice of dropping this sentence.

Other issues

· Suggestion to focus on the two key themes: Define what we mean by planning efforts and secondly when seeking outside sources.
· If associations are committing themselves to cooperate then we should expect City bureaus to always cooperate with neighborhood associations.
· Discussion about related Code Maintenance and how it is affecting business associations. Neighborhood associations need to see the broader picture of how these issues affect the business community.
· Proposal made to postpone this discussion until we address what will be required from City bureaus.
· Suggestion made to switch first part of sentence to say "…in planning efforts affecting "City agencies" instead of neighborhood livability.
· Suggestion made to make Responsibilities of Neighborhood Associations and City Agencies parallel/ use similar language.
· Issue raised do associations have to involve City agencies with city-wide planning issues like Bull Run water supply.
· Suggestion made that there should be parallel language to include coalitions along with city bureaus in this communication loop.

· Motion: "Neighborhood Associations shall make a reasonable effort to include affected City agencies in planning activities which affect neighborhood livability." Motion passed.

The Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.

These minutes were approved at the Feb. 26, 2002 meeting.

The information contained in this document is preliminary and informal in nature and does not necessarily reflect the views or adopted policies of the City of Portland or the final outcomes of this project; the reader should exercise caution in its interpretation.