Tuesday, January 22, 2002

SUMMARY NOTES: Guidelines Review, Empowerment & Assessment Team, GREAT

City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement

These minutes are not approved yet.

Members Present:
Patricia Gardner, Co-Chair Pearl District Neighborhood Association
Moshe Lenske, Co-Chair Woodstock Neighborhood Association
Nancy Chapin, Alliance of PDX Neighborhood Bus. Assocs.
Raymond Hites, Lents Neighborhood Association
Brian Hoop, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Joleen Jensen-Classen, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Stanley Lewis, Downtown Community Association
Jerry Powell Goose, Hollow Foothills League N.A.
Michael O'Malley, Irvington Community Association
Charles Shi, Communities Beyond Neighborhood Boundaries
William Warren, Central Northeast Neighbors
Cathy Crawford, University Park Neighborhood Association
Leonard Gard, Southwest Neighborhood, Inc.
Mark Sieber, Neighbors West/Northwest
Ruth Spetter, City Attorney's Office

David Lane, Office of Neighborhood Involvement


Decisions by this group are subject to change at future meetings.
Opportunities for public input at the end of meeting and future workshops.
These minutes have not been approved yet by the committee.

Changes to January 8, 2002 Minutes

Workshops about the Guidelines

Responsibilities of Neighborhood Associations (3.96.030 section C according to the new numbering system)

Discussion on #1

Discussion on #2

Discussion on Section #3

The Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.

The information contained in this document is preliminary and informal in nature and does not necessarily reflect the views or adopted policies of the City of Portland or the final outcomes of this project; the reader should exercise caution in its interpretation.

Prepared by: Brian Hoop, Office of Neighborhood Involvement