Tuesday, November 27, 2001

SUMMARY NOTES: Guidelines Review, Empowerment & Assessment Team, GREAT

City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Members Present:
Patricia Gardner, Co-chair, Pearl District Neighborhood Association

Moshe Lenske, Co-Chair, Woodstock Neighborhood Association

Nancy Chapin, Alliance for PDX Neighborhood Bus. Assocs.
Raymond Hites, Lents Neighborhood Association
Brian Hoop, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Joleen Jensen-Classen, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
David Lane, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Stanley Lewis, Downtown Community Association
Michael O'Malley, Irvington Community Association
Jerry Powell, Goose Hollow Foothills League N. A.
Mark Sieber, Neighbors West/Northwest
Ruth Spetter, City Attorney's Office
Cathy Crawford, University Park Neighborhood Association

Willian Warren, Central Northeast Neighbors

Bud Breithaupt, Hollywood Neighborhood Association
Leonard Gard, Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.

Lee Perlman reporter
Charlie Shi
Kathy Bambeck

Decisions by this group are subject to change at future meetings. Opportunities for public input at end of meeting and at future hearings.

1. Nov. 13 Meeting Approval of Minutes
· Change Patricia's comments on Communities Beyond Neighborhood Boundaries at end of meeting. It was a motion that was passed.
· Minutes Approval for Nov. 13, 2001 meeting

2. Definition of Neighborhood Office District Coalition and Alternative Service Delivery Structure:

Here is working definition from last meeting:

Neighborhood Office: An organization which supports participation services for neighborhood associations and everyone within a geographically defined area.

A - District Coalition: An independent non-profit corporation that contracts with ONI and is run by a board that is primarily comprised of representatives form its member neighborhood associations.

B - Alternative service delivery structure: An administrative mechanism for delivering neighborhood services on a model other than the standard neighborhood district coalition.

3. Discussion on Neighborhood Office:

Call for vote: Motion passes.

Neighborhood Office: "An association which primarily supports civic participation services for neighborhood associations within a geographically defined area."

4. Discussion: District Coalitions:

5. Definitions at end of meeting:

The information contained in this document is preliminary and informal in nature and does not necessarily reflect the views or adopted policies of the City of Portland or the final outcomes of this project; the reader should exercise caution in its interpretation.