Tuesday, April 10, 2001

SUMMARY NOTES: Guidelines Review, Empowerment & Assessment Team, GREAT

City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Members Present:
Nancy Chapin Association of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations
Cathy Crawford University Park Neighborhood Association
Raymond Hites Lents Neighborhood Association
Moshe Lenske Woodstock Neighborhood Association
Stanley Lewis Downtown Community Association
Jerry Powell Goose Hollow Foothills League
Mark Sieber Neighbors West/Northwest
Ruth Spetter City of Portland, Attorney's Office
William Warren Central Northeast Neighbors
David Lane Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Joleen Jensen-Classen Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Brian Hoop Office of Neighborhood Involvement

Members Absent:
Frank Dixon City of Portland, Commissioner Saltzman
Rey Espana Multnomah County Aging and Disabilities Services
Patricia Gardner Pearl District Neighborhood Association

Decisions by this group are subject to change at future meetings.
Opportunities for public input at the end of meeting and future workshops.

I. Meeting Overview
David Lane provided an overview of the purpose of the group and its charge. The group will review existing ONI Guidelines required by city code and propose changes that will be voted on by City Council in the winter of 2002. Committee members represent different neighborhood system groups. David checked in to ensure that members had applied as formal members to Commissioner Saltzman. ONI is required that bureau formal committees must have members approved by Commissioner's office.

II. Review of GREAT process/timeline
Process should be completed by early 2002. The group will meet once a month. Perhaps more often when encountering difficult issues. Committee members are urged to get feedback from other neighborhood leaders to insure as broad a representative pool of input as possible. Use consensus decision making with using Robert's Rules as a fallback procedure.

III. Discussion Issues
There should be advance notice so that the public is able to participate in the process. Don't wait till end to get feedback.
Identify what is working well first. Then focus on what is not working well with the Guidelines.
When there are topics that don't lead to easy consensus, bring in outside individuals to comment on issues.
There are part of Guidelines that don't agree with each other because they were looked at individually and not enough time was allowed to resolve such mix-ups, i.e. do unaffiliated neighborhood associations not in a coalition get ONI funds.
Web site should have contact information on committee members, invitation to participate, fullfil spirit of state public records law. Need to post this group's meetings and issues in advance.
High priority is looking at initial working document from last review process that considered how to create a separate city public records/open meetings law unique to neighborhoods.
Question was raised if minutes will reflect votes of representatives of neighborhood coalitions or associations so people can be held accountable. Yes we can do that. Concern raised if consensus will allow for people to vote in opposition. That's why we have Robert's Rules/majority vote as a fallback.

IV. Workplan
David reviewed template of initial issues ONI staff suggest to review and consider for discussion. These ideas are based on conversations with neighborhood leaders over the past 1-2 years.

Need to provide cover letter explaining history of Guidelines as we publicize this process to neighborhood groups and the public.
Need to provide explanations to give background information to explain why specific Guidelines were written the way they were in the past.
Suggest idea to have two-sided document, one with code and other side with background issues.
Concern that we are overloading volunteer activists with too many rules and regulations. We need to simplify the Guidelines.
Need to recognize the Guidelines are an idea model document but ONI recognizes not all groups can meet the expectation all the time. ONI will not go after groups unless individuals come forward with grievances.
Committee members need to get copies of support documents that are referred to in the Guidelines such as city code, citizen involvement resolution.

Tuesday, May 8th
8:30 AM
City Hall, Lovejoy Room, 1221 SW 4th Ave.