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Clarifying Disabled Parking in Meter District

Pay to park rules for disabled parking take effect July 1, 2014.  Here are answers to frequently asked questions (This page will be updated based on questions and feedback from the public)


FAQ on Portland's disabled parking rules

 Q: If I get a permit, do I have to renew a my permit every month?

A: For now, if you have a resident or employee permit, you must renew your permit every month.  In the future, we will look at other ways to improve on issuing permits.  Currently, when you receive your permit, we include a renewal form for the next month's permit.

Q: If I park in one of the 50 designated disabled parking spaces or 30 wheelchair-only spaces, can I park all day?

A: No. Designated spaces have been installed to improve access for people with disabiilties but they are not meant to be all-day spaces.  Please observe the metered time limit and ensure that you and others can use these spaces for their short-term parking needs.

Q: I'm interested in using the scratch-off permit instead of parking at the meter, can you tell me how they work?

A: When you purchase a scratch-off permit, you tell us which time limit you wish: 4 hours, 6 hours or all-day. And you tell us which district you wish to park in: downtown, Central Eastside or Lloyd District.  We will issue you a scratch-off card with those choices marked off. When you are ready to use a permit, just sratch off the date and time you need.  Individual permits can only be used once. Their price is identical to the parking meter price.

Q: I'm interested in the scratch-off permit, but wish you had one for one hour, two hour or three hour time limits. Do you?

A: Thank you for asking. Because of feedback from the public, we are working on providing shorter duration scratch off permits. We plan on making them available shortly.

Q: I live out of state, do you honor my disabled parking permit?

A: Yes we do. If your state offers a general disabled parking placard, follow the same parking regulations as people with Oregon disabled placards. If your state offers a wheelchair placard, you may park in any metered space 30 minutes or longer without a fee or time limit. You can find those regulations on our main page or in this brochure.


Link to the brochure


Link to PBOT main page on disabled parking


Here is the permit


Here is a map to the new spaces


Clarifying Disabled Parking:
Senate Bill SB716 creates new requirements for disabled parking including:

Two disabled placards: one for wheelchair only, the other for anyone else with a disability that requires a parking accommodation.


  • The placards are issued through the DMV                             
  • The City of Portland is not enforcing the placard regulation in regards to on street parking  at this time.  A task force is looking at the issue.
  • The Cities volunteer enforcement group of retired police officers will be issuing citations in off street parking lots, including but not limited to hospitals, malls, shopping centers, restaurants
  • There have been some challenges with venue’s re-striping their lots and making all of the disabled spaces wheelchair only.  This is incorrect. According to the matrix of how the disabled spots are allocated, it is roughly one wheelchair only spot for every five disabled spots.


For more in-depth information about the law call or visit the web.

Building Codes Division - For questions regarding the Oregon Structural Specialty Code, Chapter 11 – Accessibility, enforcement of accessible design standards, and inspections, contact:

Steve Judson

Structural Code Specialist

(503) 378-4635


Parking Lots


For business wanting to stripe or restripe their lots, they need to go to the 1900 building and file for a permit on the first floor:

BDS 503.823.7310

1900 SW 4th Ave, Portland,OR97201

To see an in-depth PDF of the matrix:

The following is a limited list of places to but Oregon disabled signs.  You can find more resources by visiting the states page above.,+Permits.html

Construction Book Express

My Parking Sign

Parking Sign Corner