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2012- St. Johns Woods

Crime Prevention Coordinator Angela Wagnon says:

Over the past year and a half, the St Johns Woods has gone through an amazing transformation.  Home Forward, the owners of St Johns Woods and Cascade Property Management supported the request of PPB and ONI Crime Prevention to take a bold step in replacing the on site management team with the hope of addressing some long standing issues at the property.  Manager Tracy Alioth and Assistant Manager Natasha Morris came in and embraced the ESP program and worked diligently with the New Columbia Officer Detail and Crime Prevention.  Lease enforcement efforts were increased and a new tone of management was set at the property.

But, they weren’t done yet!  Officer Michael Schmerber and Rachel Strobel along with Tracy and Natasha created an incentive program for the elementary aged children at St Johns Woods.  The children spent 8 weeks focusing on good behavior and school work, both at home and at school.  They also participated in beautification projects on the property, including cleaning the play structures and garbage pick up.  They did these projects along side the officers and management.  Parents began to participate as well, inspired by seeing the officers, management and children working together.  The children were rewarded with a field trip to the University of Portland.  They had lunch with men and women from the Portland Pilots soccer team, and saw a glimpse of college life to inspire their goals for the future.

Since the incentive program, the parents and other adults at the property are looking for ways to increase the feeling of community at St Johns Woods, and bring resources to both children and adults to the property.  The tenants have had a successful community BBQ, a spaghetti dinner, and more events to follow throughout the summer.  They are creating a wish list that includes resource classes for adults and a new soccer field.  

St Johns Woods has become a community of tenants empowering themselves to make a brighter future.  Thank you to Tracy, Natasha, Cascade Property Management, and Home Forward for supporting these efforts and going above and beyond in the ESP program.