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2010- Cherry Blossom Estates

Crime Prevention Coordinator Rosanne Lee says:

Cherry Blossom Estates is a shining example of what happens when properties owners and mangers work with Crime Prevention and Police to establish their property as an Enhanced Safety Property Program, otherwise known as ESP.

There are several criteria that must be met before a property can join the ESP program.  One of the criteria has to do with creating a safer space through good lighting, and can sometimes be viewed as costly.  Cherry Blossom Estates proved that you can overcome exterior lighting issues by examining the current lighting situation, and making adjustments in location and light patterns thereby keeping any additional costs down.  That’s quite an accomplishment for a property of over 120 units.

The property is always clean and management is very professional and caring towards residents.  They produce a newsletter with an impressive activities calendar, and helpful information for residents.  Every Tuesday through Thursday there is Homework Help and after school activities for the kids who live there.  They participate in National Night Out, and each year’s party gets bigger and better.  Recently, the residents formed a Neighborhood Watch, which has the support of the property management. 

Cherry Blossom Estates has an innovative laundry payment system, where tenants use machines with cards that are loaded with laundry “credits”.  This system reduces the thefts and vandalisms that plagues many apartment laundry facilities.  They take advantage of this credit system by putting the credit machine (like an ATM) near the office so that residents are more likely to mingle with property staff.  They also conduct a monthly drawing for a $50 laundry card credit as incentives for people getting their rent in early or for attending meetings that promote the welfare of the community.

Cherry Blossom Estates management is proactive to address any issues that come up, and they have excellent relationships with Crime Prevention and the East Precinct Neighborhood Response Team.  According to a Neighborhood Response Team Officer, police calls for service have dropped approximately 50% since becoming an ESP property, and most police calls are of a pro-active nature because residents and management care about the Cherry Blossom Estates community.

Cherry Blossom Estates, the residents and the management, are commended for their work as part of the ESP program, and for creating a safer community.