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Tire vandalism alert

What: Tire punctures to vehicles parked on the street

When: Late night/early morning hours approximately 10pm - 6am

Where: Southeast and Northeast Portland from the River to 72nd Avenue (There may be other areas, but this is what has been reported to the police.)

How: Punctures are made through the sidewall of the tire

Portland Police and Crime Prevention coordinators have received numerous reports of tire punctures across the City, but especially in inner SE and NE neighborhoods. Frequently, the punctures are on the tires facing the street. The vehicles are generally parked in residential areas. The owner may notice that the tire is “low on air”, but shortly after driving away, the tire quickly deflates. This malicious vandalism is costly to the victims. Some neighbors have had multiple tires punctured. The Portland Police Bureau and Crime Stoppers released detailed information about the vandalism and the reward.

What to do to avoid malicious tire punctures happening to you:

  • Park your vehicle off the street and in a garage if possible.
  • Park your vehicle in a carport or the driveway.
  • Enhance your exterior lighting by: leaving porch lights on when it is dark, adding motion sensor lighting to the garage and/or adding pathway or sidewalk solar lighting in the front of your home.

Use the power of observation

Let’s look out for one another. If you are up early or late, take the time to look out your window onto the street. If you wake up in the middle of the night and get up, walk to the window and look at vehicles parked in front of your or neighbors property.

Report, Report, Report

If you see someone hanging out by or close to your or your neighbors’ car and you do not recognize the individual(s), call the police. Report all crime and suspicious activity immediately; call 9-1-1 for crimes in progress and 503-823-333 for suspicious activity. If your car's tires are maliciously punctured, please report it to the police. Use your smart phone, computer, laptop, tablet or other electronic device to make an online report at

For more information about vehicle and home safety and security, contact your Crime Prevention Coordinator. Call 503-823-4064 or 503-823-4000 to locate the coordinator for your neighborhood or area.