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City Employee Guide to Neighborhood Outreach



(updated 01/03/2014)

City bureaus and community organizations sometimes want to send information out to neighborhood association leaders and activists across Portland. This guide describes the best ways to send messages and information out to Portland’s neighborhood system.

Portland’s neighborhood association system is decentralized. No one mechanism exists that would allow you to send a message to all of Portland’s neighborhood officers and board members at one time, however you can reach many of Portland’s neighborhood leaders and activists by doing the following:


  • Neighborhood Association Officers: The ONI Directory includes contact information for the officers of all of Portland’s neighborhood associations. You can download/extract emails and other contact information for all the officers and send your message directly to them (450-500 individuals). You can extract this contact information by following the instructions below.


  • Neighborhood Coalition Offices:  You can contact each of Portland’s seven neighborhood district coalition offices and ask them to forward your information to their lists of neighborhood association board members and neighborhood activists for their districts. In addition to maintaining email lists, most neighborhood coalitions also produce a district newsletter, newspaper, or e-newsletter. You can find contact information for the neighborhood coalition offices on the ONI website at: .


  • ONI Email Notification: You also can send out your information through ONI’s email notification system (this reaches about 2,000 people who’ve signed up to receive notices from ONI). You can ask ONI staff to send out your message through the ONI email notification service. Send your message and request to distribute it to: ONI requires that the messages it sends out through ONI Notification meet certain requirements. These requirements are described on the ONI website at: .


You also can reach out to individual neighborhood associations and ask them to send out your message or information. Many neighborhood associations have newsletters, email groups, FaceBook pages, etc. You can find contact information for individual neighborhood associations in the ONI Directory (

Portland’s neighborhood associations and neighborhood district coalitions are independent community organizations. They can choose whether or not to pass on information from city bureaus through their communication networks. They are much more likely to send out your message if you make sure it is written clearly and is relevant to neighborhood leaders and community members.

Messages from city bureaus to neighborhoods and the community are most effective when they clearly state:


  • What is this about?
  • Why is it relevant to community members (how might this affect them and their neighborhood or community)?
  • What do you want them to do with the information?
  • What affect can they have on the project, process, issue, etc.?
  • When do they need to act?
  • Who can they contact for more information?


Reaching out to non-neighborhood association groups

In addition to information on reaching out to Portland’s neighborhood system, ONI also can provide advice to city bureaus on reaching out to other community organizations and communities, including: disability community, elders, communities of color, immigrants and refugees, youth, etc. (Contact Jeri Williams at ONI for more information: 503-823-5827,

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For more information about reaching out to Portland’s neighborhood system, contact Paul Leistner, neighborhood program coordinator, 503-823-5284,

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City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Involvement


Exporting Neighborhood Association Leader

Contact Information from the ONI Directory into Excel

(Revised 01/03/2014)


The Office of Neighborhood Involvement maintains a directory of the neighborhood officers of all of Portland’s formally recognized neighborhood associations.

The ONI Directory includes contact information provided by each neighborhood for its officers. These usually include for neighborhood leaders positions include:

  • Chair/Co-Chair/President
  • Communications/Newsletter      Committee Chair/Co-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Land      Use Committee Chair
  • Etc.


Not all neighborhood associations have individuals in each of these positions. The ONI Directory just includes the information that neighborhood associations provide.

If you want to communicate with some or all of these neighborhood leaders, you can export contact information (e.g. email addresses, etc.) from the ONI Directory into an Excel spreadsheet, which makes it easier to use.

Here’s how:

Go to the ONI Website:

Click on the “My Neighborhood” tab on the top of the home page. Then click on “Neighborhood Directory” on the left of the next page that appears.

Click on the “ADVANCED SEARCH” in the text near the top of the page.

  • When      the page comes up, make sure the “Advanced Search” tab in the page is      selected.


In the first box, select “Officers & Committee Chairs for All Neighborhood Associations” (a list of positions will come up)

  • Select      the positions you want to include or select them all.
    • Hold       CTRL key (Windows) or CMD key (Mac) and click the positions you want,       or click on the first position and then scroll down to the last position,       hold down the SHIFT key and left click.


Click the “SEARCH” button.

A page will appear that lists neighborhood officer information as it appears in the ONI Directory.

To export this information to an Excel spreadsheet:

Click on the “Export to Excel” link near the top of the page.

A dialog box will open that gives you the open to “open” “save” or “cancel”.

Select “open” or “save.”

Open the file. The spreadsheet with all the contact information will appear.

To send an email to all the neighborhood association officers:

Scroll over to the column with the heading: “Email”.

Select the column.

Copy the column.

Open a new Excel workbook.

Paste the “email” column into the first column of a blank spreadsheet in the new work book.

Delete the word “EMAIL” in the first cell.

Select the column.

Click on the “DATA” tab at the top of the page.

A dialog box will open up. Sort “Column A” and pick “ascending.” Click “OK.” (This group any blank cells so you can delete them.)

Select the rows with the blank cells at the top of the worksheet.

Click on the “Edit” tab on the top of the page, and then click on “Delete.” (This will delete the rows with the black cells.)

Select about half of the email addresses. Right click on your mouse and select “Copy.”

Open a new email message, right click in the “bcc:” box, and select “Paste.”

Click behind the last email address in the box. Hit the “Tab” key on your keyboard twice. (The addresses will arrange themselves with a semicolon and space between each address.)

You are ready to prepare and send your message. (Put your own email address in the “To” box.



For more information contact:

Paul Leistner
Neighborhood Program Coordinator
City of Portland, Office of Neighborhood Involvement
City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Ave., #110, Portland, OR 97204
W: 503.823.5284, Fax: 503.823.3050, TTY: 503.823.6868
City of Portland Information & Referral: (503) 823-4000