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2015 Crime Prevention Awards Ceremony

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Pennington Award-Howard Weiner

Howard Weiner embodies the community spirit of the Pennington Award. Howard has been a community activist and leader in Portland for over three decades. When he chaired the Livability and Public Safety Committee for the Old Town-Chinatown Neighborhood Association, he helped to increase community participation. Fed up with the blatant drug use and drug dealing in the neighborhood, he organized a livability and public safety committee that would ultimately help develop the “Drug Impact Area” ordinance. In order to help improve safety during peak entertainment hours in the neighborhood, Howard helped in the planning process of a regular street closure program. The entertainment district street closure has resulted in a 30% decrease in crime along NW 3rd Avenue during street closure hours. Howard has taken an active role in engaging the community in problem solving efforts and continues to have a passion for public safety. 

Neighborhood Watch/Foot Patrol Award-Friends of River Place

Thanks to Susan West, Marlon Bump and Deputy Shanks, the Riverplace Marina is a safe place for the community to enjoy and for boaters to dock. Susan, Marlon and Deputy Shanks contacted Crime Prevention in early 2015 to start a Community Foot Patrol for the Riverplace Marina, located just south of the Hawthorne Bridge. The public docks at this marina had become over-run by loitering, drug dealing, and off-leash dogs. Community members were feeling unsafe and increasingly frustrated by the continued violations of park rules. Susan, Marlon and Deputy Shanks were instrumental in organizing one of the largest Foot Patrols in recent times with the City of Portland. The Friends of Riverplace foot patrol is thriving with upwards of thirty-five volunteers. Because of their regular and random safety walks around the marina docks, the community can feel safer while enjoying this space. 

Public Safety/Livability Project-Holladay Park Partnership

Holladay Park is a fun place to be thanks to the Holladay Park Partnership! The Holladay Park Partnership is a collaboration between Lloyd Center, the Portland Parks Ranger Program and Portland Parks and Recreation that strives to create a safe place to play. The program includes a children’s interactive playground, a reading room, ping pong tables, foosball, a game cart, piano player, live music, and yoga classes. A park host is responsible for handing out games, engaging families, monitoring the park and encouraging community members to participate in pro-social activities. A park ranger is also stationed at Holladay Park during the activities to ensure the safety and security of the park. Since the implementation of the Holladay Park Partnership, crime and the fear of crime has decreased, making it a more accessible and inviting place for visitors and community members.

Public Safety Partner Award-Officer Lisa Fort

Neighborhood Response Team Officer Lisa Fort is the definition of a Public Safety Partner. When she was assigned to Central Precinct’s inner east side neighborhoods to address problems associated with chronic camping, she did so with a passion for helping the individuals experiencing homelessness and the neighbors alike. Officer Fort focused her organizing efforts in the area of 11th and SE Stark where camping created significant impacts on the immediate neighborhood. She contacted nearby businesses and solicited their participation in improving the neighborhood, offering Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) ideas on territoriality, lighting, landscaping and maintenance. She was very responsive to the requests for service and kept a positive attitude when working with area businesses as well as campers. She encouraged businesses to work together and create a Local Improvement District. She also formed relationships with individuals experiencing homelessness, doing her best to provide resources and services. Officer Fort was a major catalyst for much needed improvements in the area!