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Neighbors Work Together to Build Community and Reclaim their Neighborhood Space

The following video is truly inspiring. Neighbors in Madison South (Portland) decided to build community and “reclaim” their neighborhood space. All of their efforts united them to work together and keep the area safe. Their neighborhood projects and community building efforts include:

• Community Garden

• Street Mural

• Neighborhood Watch and Foot Patrol group

• Emergency Preparedness

Quoting one of the neighbors Erin, residents wanted to create “places where people want to gather and be together, so there’s no room for anything negative to be happening in those spaces”. This is a one of the principles in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) called activity support where residents organize and encourage positive, pro-social activities on a property to increase a sense of community and ownership of the shared space.

We are always up for helping people get Neighborhood Watches going and can provide some ideas about connecting your neighbors.  Please see our website for more information at