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Sept. 1, 2017- Potential Changes to Cannabis Regulations

COuncil Sign

Portland City Council will consider changes to Portland's cannabis regulations (PCC 14B.130) during the 2pm session this Wed. Sept. 6!

Click here for a link to the Council Clerk's office that shows next week's agenda.

Both the Cannabis Program and Commissioner Eudaly's office are committed to the ongoing and thoughtful re-evaluation of our policies and requirements. These changes represent many months of conversations, meetings, and briefings with the cannabis industry, community voices, the Fire Bureau, the Bureau of Development Services, elected officials, and others. We are striving to strike a balance between expediency and public safety, to ensure business can plan for the future, and to allow our program to most effectively protect neighbors and the legal, regulated industry from illegal cannabis activities.

The potential changes are as follows:

Create endorsement differentiation in code language; make change so that ONLY Cannabinoid Extract Processors will need to show final Certificate of Occupancy (or TCO) and all additional final permitting needed for extraction or other mechanical equipment, before obtaining INITIAL LICENSE or UPON RENEWAL from Cannabis Program:

  • All other Processor types (concentrates, topicals, and edibles) will NO LONGER need to show FINAL Certificate of Occupancy (or TCO), or additional final permitting needed for other mechanical equipment upon INITIAL LICENSE.
  • Other Processor license types will still need to show that permits have been ISSUED upon INITIAL LICENSE to ensure the building is in the process of getting up to code.
  • All Processor types will need to show FINAL permitting UPON RENEWAL.
  • Change applies ONLY to Cannabis Program requirements; business owners still must follow Fire Bureau and BDS requirements, including obtaining permits for building improvements made to businesses that have already obtained a license.

Mirror OLCC’s grandfathering allowance for existing, licensed Marijuana Retailers within 1,000 feet of a NEW school that opens AFTER the Retailer is licensed:

  • Code change is needed to ensure legal, licensed Marijuana Retailers (and Medical Dispensaries) that have followed all requirements and are licensed will NOT have to shut down when a new school opens within 1,000 feet of their location.

Allow Cannabis Program code compliance staff to inspect premises of APPLICANTS, not just LICENSEES:

  • Will help in cases where substantiation of unlicensed activity taking place is needed. 

 After the Sept. 6 meeting, what happens next?

  • If they vote as such, Council will consider the ordinance a week later on Sept. 13.
  • After the Sept. 13 meeting, if Council votes to adopt the ordinance, it will go into effect 30 days later.
  • More information about how City Council works can be found here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at 503-823-9333 or at!