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PUAH Grantees 2017-18

Announcing the 2017-18 Portland United Against Hate Grantees: 

Grantee Organization Grant Project Title  Project Summary Grant Amount
African Youth Community Organization Strengthening Communities and Intercultural Relationship: Standing together against Hate Stem the impact of hate and intolerance through workshops with East African community, many of whom are Muslim, about immigrant rights, information exchange between immigrants/refugees and public service providers, community healing workshops, Community Chai and Dialogue groups, and youth leadership development groups. Hire a community advocate from the East African community to document, respond to hate incidents, and support victims in action oriented responses.   $30,000.00 
As the Spirit Moves Us  Interrupting Hate in Public Spaces: Training Active Bystanders Twelve trainings on Interrupting Hate with 4 community organizations (Latino Network, NAACP, YWCA, Q Center) representing communities color and others most impacted by hateful acts to learn and practice tactics and strategies for intervention. Three workshops sessions with a cohort of apprentice trainers to build their capacity to offer Interrupting Hate workshops and carry the material forward beyond the grant.   $17,085.00 
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon Asian Pacific American Communities United Against Hate Report and respond to hate incidents in the Asian Pacific Islander communities, hold trainings to prevent and understand the impact of hate against API communities, develop rapid response communications network to communicate to most affected communities when incidents occur.  $33,000.00 
Coalition of Communities of Color Data About Us By Us: Communities Track Hate Design and implement a data collection tool to track hate incidents in partnership with other PUAH grantees. Train organizations as points of contact for reporting hate incidents and using the tool.  $35,000.00 
Fair Housing Council of Oregon Hate Has No Place in Housing Focus on hate and harassment in housing through education, outreach, and enforcement; conduct direct culturally-appropriate outreach to impacted communities about their rights and to housing providers about their responsibilities under Fair Housing laws and other laws that address hate incidents; expand housing discrimination hotline and advocacy around hate incidents. $34,480.00 
Immigrant Refugee Community Organization, Africa House Portland United Against Hate Partner Will provide the African community consistent bilingual points of contact and community engagement; utilize PUAH Coalition tools to track and respond to hate incidents in the community; provide resources and referrals to victims of hate; culturally specific education and outreach; train staff on how to respond to hate incidents. $17,500.00 
Latino Network Portland United Against Hate Conduct culturally specific community outreach to the Latino communities, collect data as a point of contact for hate incidents, and respond to hate incidents as they occur. Proactively plan and prepare communities and families for hateful policies, raids and detentions. $30,435.00 
Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling Friend, Neighbor, Ally: Community Response and Supportive Engagement with those Targeted by Hate and Bias Fifteen trainings for the public on understanding, responding to, and preventing hate incidents, and an online hate response toolkit. Act as a point of contact for victims of hate activity, including culturally appropriate support services, referrals, and low/no cost counseling. Train counselors, staff, and therapists on topics of hate and bias to provide appropriate and sensitive services.  $35,000.00 
Lutheran Community Services Northwest Culturally and Community Specific Hate Crime Victim Advocacy Services Point of contact to report and offer services to immigrant and refugee victims of hate; offer crisis intervention services and advocacy for those impacted by hateful incidents; do outreach and education to 300 members of refugee communities about hate incidents and how to report. Deliver three bystander intervention trainings.   $35,000.00 
OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon Bus Riders Unite Against Hate: Trained Experts in De-escalation (TEDs) on Portland's Transit System Build a safety system for targets of white supremacist violence outside of the transit police department by building a cohort of 30 trained transit rider ambassadors (Trained Experts in De-escalation: TEDs). Increase riders perception of safety. Organize transit riders to advocate for public funding for an on-going rider advocate program.  $17,500.00 
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center + Rosemary Anderson High School Hate Crime Education and Response Train staff to identify, report, respond to hate incidents, and to serve as first point of contact for those experiencing hate incidents. African American youth led peer-to-peer outreach program to understand, report, and prevent hateful incidents. Conduct outreach to school communities around community standards against hate, know your rights, and other tolerance practices.  $17,500.00 
Q Center Hate Crime Response and Supportive Services Training Initiative Point of contact and response coordinator for hate incidents directed at LGBTQ+ communities; expand the information and referral program for those affected by hate. Organize trainings for all PUAH community partners on queer and trans competency, hate reporting, serving youth, and a training for youth to report and respond to hate incidents.  $17,500.00 
Unite Oregon Hayaan Project Hayaan Project embodies a strategy, led by immigrants and refugees, to train the Portland community on rapid response to hate incidents, provide direct legal assistance and community support to victims of hate, collect and report hate incident data, and mobilize impacted communities and allies to push back against policy attacks.  $30,000.00 
 Total Funded     $350,000